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How a truly bespoke yacht is born

5 August 2021• Written by Laura Nicholls for CRN

The joys of bespoke building are felt by many ambitious superyacht owners. With hundreds of yachts under construction across the world, what makes a new-build project stand out is carrying a hallmark such as that of Italian yard CRN – a true custom superyacht shipbuilder.

Superyacht Voice

At the time of writing, CRN has four yachts under construction that are intended to be the next examples of the yard’s capabilities. The 62-metre CRN 138 is designed by Omega Architects and Pulina Exclusive Interiors for an owner with a strong vocation for onboard living and so wide spaces, full-height windows and with in-and-out large areas were important for him and his family to enjoy in total privacy. A similar request was made by the owner of the in-build CRN 142 – a 52-metre yacht developed by Omega Architects and Massari Design – who wanted a pleasure vessel with merging inside and outside areas.

CRN 142 yacht under construction

Also in build is the 72-metre CRN 139 designed by Vallicelli Design and Nuvolari Lenard for a client who desired generous indoor spaces with refined and sophisticated interiors. And lastly, the 60-metre CRN 141 was penned by Nuvolari Lenard with dynamic lines and an array of advanced high-tech solutions.

All of these yachts underwent the highly articulated and structured creative constructive process that is unique to CRN. This operation is one that few get to see and experience, however, here, the CRN team shares the main steps they take to create such distinctive superyachts time and time again:

1. Start with a blank piece of paper

After carefully listening to the soon-to-be owner, CRN’s dedicated yacht project management team learns how the client wishes to use their yacht, enjoy their time on board and any other specifications. The yacht concept is then sketched according to the client’s vision to form an initial concept, proposal and a plan for the general arrangement.

This forms the springboard for the next stage, which involves refining the project over a series of months until all elements are in perfect harmony. Every vessel created by CRN is unique and is an owner’s opportunity to dream up a state-of-the-art design with functional and aesthetic innovations for everything from the layout, hull, bow and stern, length, beam, draft and performance, to features such as the beach club, cinema, wellness area, tender bay and gym.

For the owner of the recently-delivered steel and aluminum 62-metre superyacht Voice, Italian architecture studio Nuvolari Lenard worked closely with CRN, the client and their team to develop a concept that included unique features such as a striking exterior profile with aerodynamic, taut, fluid external lines and a sporty impression, as well as luminous interiors. The owner is a determined person who is passionate about the sea and wanted a yacht that would represent him and his strong personality.

2. Add more details

With the defining traits of the yacht’s unique personality all pinned down, the team then delves into the detailed design. The structure, electrical systems and utilities that form the yacht’s engineering platform are entrusted to the technical office engineers, while the project architects create and develop the interiors. The architectural design is achieved through 1:20 scale drawings of all the rooms, main materials, styles and colours.

CRN 138 exterior rendering

3. Manage consistently

The project manager, like a musical conductor, orchestrates all of the players in the yard, fostering dialogue and ensuring agile progress, supreme quality and timely delivery while liaising with the owner, their representative, captain and surveyor. The project manager is flanked by a project architect, a project engineer, a construction project engineer, the head of construction, the industrial engineering team, the planning team and the dock team. The team will have client meetings first monthly and then weekly – and when the yacht is at an advanced stage, the client will be immersed as much as possible into the experience.

CRN 142 yacht rendering

4. Create renders

To map out the volumes and technical and structural requirements for each area, various renderings are produced along with mood boards and sample materials for the client to see the spaces, patterns and textures. The owner gets an intimate picture of the essence of their yacht, with 1:10 scale drawings revealing the subtlest details and special 1:1 mock-ups showing individual portions.

5. Plan the construction

As the numerous construction stages proceed in parallel in the various sections of the vessel through a process of perfect symbiosis, like instruments in a symphony orchestra building to a crescendo, the owner is invited to follow and visit the construction to give their input.

The skilled craftspeople at CRN get to work on the carpentry, the fitting-out and the onboard systems and installations, as well as the external paintwork and the onboard spaces. For example, the finish of Voice was chosen to replicate the colours of one of the owner’s favourite cars with a smokey quartz hull, silver sand superstructure and jet-black detailing.

6. Launch ceremony and perfect delivery

Before the yacht is delivered for her owner to enjoy, she is launched and put through various stages of testing. These tests and inspections involve the CRN dock team who can verify and certify together with external technicians that every installation meets the exacting international standards and certification and excellence associated with CRN. At the same time, the yacht is further embellished with free-standing furnishings to bring out the personality of each space.

Not only does almost 60 years of history have a large part to play in the yard’s success, but so does the company’s expert workforce of Italian craftsmen and suppliers. To find out more about how they ensure that each and every client receives perfect details and customisations, contact the yard directly here.

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