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The Best Chandeliers and Glass Sculptures for Superyacht Interiors

29 April 2020

Looking for the best glassware for your superyacht interiors? Crystal Caviar makes the most beautiful glass and crystal chandeliers, sculptures and art for luxury yacht interior decor that are well worth the investment.

The collectable value of a Picasso or Monet is obvious but have you ever considered the chandelier above your dining table or the mirror in your main saloon to be part of your art collection? Crystal Caviar offers unique fine art crystal sculptures and objects by artists, including Vlastimil Beránek and Jan Frydych, that are specifically designed for the needs of yachts and prove savvy investments, with many pieces more than tripling in value over the past decade.

As well as sourcing pieces from rising glass and crystal artists, Crystal Caviar is dedicated to producing their products more sustainably. The brand, which has donated glass trophies to the winners of the eco-conscious Ocean Awards events, works to make sure their manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly and that their carbon footprint is offset. In other words, buying an artwork from Crystal Caviar will make your superyacht interiors more sustainable.

Scroll through to discover our favourite pieces from the brand, and see which have been spotted on some of the world's top luxury superyachts.

Emerald Ship by Jaroslav Prošek

This work was created for Crystal Caviar by Jaroslav Prošek, a Czech glass artist who creates unique Bohemian crystal sculptures. Inspired by nature and the oceans, Prošek did not study art but was naturally manually skilled and honed his technique in some of the world’s finest sculpture ateliers, making him a key name to watch for those looking to purchase investment-worthy pieces.

Prism chandelier on Solandge

This stunning titanium-coated crystal prism chandelier was created by Crystal Caviar specifically for 85 metre Lurssen yacht Solandge. It is one of over 70 beautiful chandeliers produced by the company for various yachts and, with its intricate circular pattern, is designed to refract and amplify the yacht’s embedded ceiling lighting to create a sense of space and glamour on board. The perfect showcase of Crystal Caviar's design and craftsmanship excellence.

Yacht Chronometer by Jan Frydrych

One in a series of unique yacht chronometers created by Jan Frydrych in partnership with expert chronometer maker Thomas Mercer, this gorgeous example utilises a deep purple/azure optical glass which changes colour under different lights meaning it transforms in rhythm with the daylight of the time it displays. A perfect choice if you're looking for the best marine chronometer for your superyacht interiors.

Aqua One by Vlastimil Beránek

This huge crystal sculpture - its diameter is a massive 66cm - was designed by skilled Czech sculptor Vlastimil Beránek. It embodies all of the signature characteristics which make up his work: an emphasis on simple, clean lines, shapes which transform and mutate to look different from every angle and expressive colour choices.

Its deep blue hue makes it ideal for keeping on board and, as Crystal Caviar tests all its crystal sculptures for vibration resistance, you can be safe in the knowledge it won't deteriorate, fall or rattle. Recent valuation figures also show that buying a Beránek piece is a good, safe investment for those hoping for financial as well as aesthetic returns.

Crystal Caviar Tile

This gorgeous tile was the original piece which inspired the Crystal Caviar brand name. Crafted using hundreds of tiny Bohemian crystal pearls, the finished effect resembles caviar made from crystal and is mounted with a gold backing to offer an utterly high-end aesthetic.