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Why Crystal Caviar Glass will Make your Superyacht More Sustainable

27 April 2020 • Written by Tory Kingdon

Want to make your superyacht interiors more sustainable? Chose products by Crystal Caviar, which makes the best eco-friendly and ethically made glassware, from beautiful glass chandeliers to decorative sculptures...

Crystal Caviar needs no introduction – its unique glass creations, from sculptures to chandeliers, glass walls, lamps and tiles, can now be found on 40 per cent of the world’s largest superyachts, from Sailing Yacht A to Dilbar and Al Mirqab. The Czech company has also collaborated with other luxury brands on one-of-a-kind pieces – take for example a collaboration with Thomas Mercer to create a marine chronometer made of blue topaz Bohemian crystal.

Crystal Caviar’s glass creations include luminescent staircase chandeliers.

Perhaps Crystal Caviar’s most forward-thinking approach, however, is in sustainability. Its founder and owner, Marek Landa, has a Master’s degree in environmental resources, science and sustainability, and environmentally responsible practices are at the heart of the production process. This means using less energy and water in the creation of each piece, as well as recycling packaging materials and leftover raw materials, integrating them into other production processes.

Given the company's interest in sustainability, it's perhaps unsurprising that it has been involved in The Ocean Awards, which highlight the efforts of individuals working to fight the ocean crisis. In previous years, they have crafted beautiful glass awards to be presented to the winners and will return to do so again for this year's edition.

Sustainable sculptures by Crystal Caviar.

But the work doesn’t stop there. The company has also created two ponds near to its headquarters north of Prague to help local wildlife to flourish, and there are 30 beehives located in its factories, created from old packaging and from which Crystal Caviar produces its own honey and other products. In an effort to offset any negative impact on the environment, the company also plants at least 50 trees, such as maple trees, every year.

Everything considered, choosing Crystal Caviar products will not only beautify your home and superyacht interiors, but will help protect the environment in the process too.

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