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Make the switch: How Hodgdon Tenders made ditching diesel easy

16 August 2021• Written by Laura Nicholls for Hodgdon Tenders

In the world of tenders, the future looks electric – and not just because of the increasing market demand, but to benefit the damaged environment. The rapid development of electric propulsion is exciting, and today’s tender manufacturers have to consider how to quickly transform their existing offerings.

One company that has recently experienced the highs and lows of such a task is Hodgdon Tenders, who after considering the best execution, has formed a solution in the form of 10.5-metre and 12-metre limousine tenders. Having already delivered tenders to some of the world’s greatest superyachts, the team is keen to see how many of these owners will benefit from going electric. In anticipation of this prospective future, those at Hodgdon share how they came to create the company’s two new electric tenders on the market today.

10.5m Venetian Limousine electric tender with forward helm

Designed by Michael Peters Yacht Design in Florida, Hodgdon’s 10.5-metre electric tender is built upon the same hull as the firm’s standard Venetian tender. The Hodgdon Tenders’ in-house engineering team first had to work out how to optimise the hull volume and weight to include the required batteries while maintaining an acceptable Longitudinal Center of Gravity (LCG). The solution was that the engine room was slightly reconfigured to accommodate the Vita equipment – a high performance fully electric powertrain for the recreational marine sector chosen for its ability to deliver 220kW / 295hp and 440kW / 590hp respectively.

Owners of an electric Hodgdon tender can choose from a custom power package with alternative drive solutions and ancillary electrical loads, yet the standard 10.5-metre tenders are fitted with a single engine and a three battery configuration.

12m Venetian Limousine electric tender with aft helm

By evolving the existing custom design of the luxury Hodgdon Venetian range, designer Michael Peters Yacht Design and Hodgdon Tenders’ in-house team saved themselves a number of technical challenges. Due to the boat’s size, there was sufficient room to place the power equipment of twin motors and four batteries and still keep the overall weight and the LCG of the boat unaffected. The interior layout takes full advantage of the reduction of equipment normally needed for a standard diesel boat, however, the power solution is flexible and can be made to suit an owner dependent on their power requirements and driving and ancillary electrical preferences.

Despite their differences, the brand-new 10.5-metre and 12-metre electric tenders share the same capabilities in range. Depending on various factors such as temperature, sea state and operation, the tenders are able to reach a range of up to 50 nautical miles – perfect for short ship-to-shore trips. Also, the boats can be charged quickly thanks to the Vita’s high speed charging system, Aqua superPower. Another charging option is powering up from the mothership or a shoreside charging station using either AC or DC. The Aqua superPower charging station network can be found along the French Riviera (in Monaco, Cannes, and St. Tropez amongst others), in Italy (in Ventimiglia, Portofino and Venice), and with further locations in both countries, the rest of Europe and the US coming soon.

If you want to explore electric propulsion and the environmental, noise/vibration mitigation and low maintenance benefits, contact Hodgdon Tenders directly here.

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