Inside Palm Beach Motor Yachts' 16.4m GT50


Efficiency, easy operation and high performance are the core tenets of the new GT50 model from Australian builder Palm Beach. While the 16.4 metre model was specifically designed for Europe, the US and New Zealand, this central philosophy makes the appeal of this stylish yacht truly universal.

The 16.4 metre Palm Beach GT50 model comes from the Australian brand Palm Beach Motor Yachts

The GT50 targets owners who have a deep-set love of being at sea. With leisure time at a premium, Grand Banks marketing director Joel Butler understands owners’ frustration at the amount of time lost readying a yacht for sea. “Anyone who’s got a boat knows how long you waste on the dock,” he says. The GT50 is all about getting out on the water sooner.

Owner operated, easy to maintain and with easy to use systems, the GT50 is easy to prepare for a day on the water. “When we test the boats, people are surprised by how easy it is,” Butler says. “We’ll go out on the water and that’s when they start connecting with the boat and understanding that it does everything we say it does.”

The GT50 is all about getting out onto the water as soon as possible

Alongside its extreme usability, the yacht pushes the envelope of performance and efficiency. Able to cruise all day at 35 knots, with a consumption of 40 gallons between both engines, the GT50 has a blistering top speed of 40 knots, allowing GT50 owners to reach their destination ahead of the pack. Combined with this, the model’s fuel efficiency means GT50 owners get more bang for their buck when it comes to rising fuel prices, allowing them to go further and pay less. As the builder says: “The entire industry is working towards being greener – we’re leading the way with our fuel burn.”

Key also to the GT50’s performance is the quality of its construction. Everything is made in-house at Palm Beach’s yards in Singapore and Sydney, while the construction is done with vacuum infusion. This includes using carbon fibre for weight reduction and modified epoxy vinylester resin for the infusion, resulting in additional durability.

But behind all of this, lies the class of Palm Beach Motor Yachts and the might of the established Grand Banks brand, following Palm Beach's acquisition in 2014. As the builder says: “Many trends come and go, few stick around. Palm Beach Motor Yachts has always designed and built timeless, beautiful yachts that many refer to as heirlooms, and we are constantly improving them as we go.”

The Palm Beach GT50 will be available to view at the Cannes Yachting Festival this September. For more information, click here.