Ultimate itinerary: 6 places to take your Sanlorenzo 460EXP


Start in Patagonia

52° 48' S 73° 52' W

This ultimate superyacht itinerary takes you half-way around the world, from South America to Asia, and is best enjoyed on board the Sanlorenzo 460EXP.

Begin at Chilean Patagonia, a place punctuated with countless fjords and glaciers that offers spectacular natural scenery. Start your ultimate itinerary at Parque Nacional Alberto de Agostini – the southernmost tip of South America – and work your way up the continent, taking in nine national parks as you cruise.

This leg of the itinerary will pass 10 countries in South and Central America, three of which were mentioned in the tropical destinations map published last month. It’s a 6,641nm trip from Patagonia to Paradise Village Marina in Mexico, but the Sanlorenzo 460EXP’s range of 4,000nm means you’ll only need to re-provision once on this mammoth leg.



20°41.2' N 105°17.9' W

Heading -22°

With almost 5,000 miles of coastline, the west of Mexico is one of the ultimate destinations to explore with the Sanlorenzo 460EXP.

Famed for its fishing, water sports and beautiful beaches, you’ll need an accommodating vessel to truly make the most of this region and the Sanlorenzo 460EXP doesn’t disappoint – she has plentiful storage for a fishing boat, numerous toys and a tender.

You could easily spend a month working your way from Nayarit to Baja California, hopping between secret beaches, hidden seaside towns and exhaustively enjoying the contents of the toy garage.


Marquesas Islands

8° 50.051262' S 140° 2.584076' W

Heading -131°

The cruise from Baja California to Nuku Hiva, the largest of the Marquesas islands in French Polynesia, is just shy of 3,000nm. It’s a challenging passage that will leave you exposed to the elements of the Pacific Ocean for more than a week.

To undertake this in anything other than the most reliable of yachts would be deeply unpleasant – but thanks to her sturdy platform and solid stability, the Sanlorenzo 460EXP is ideal for this passage.

The voyage is worth it, presenting the rewards of waterfalls taller than skyscrapers, awe-inspiring hikes and rugged terrain all begging to be explored.


New Zealand

36°50.6' S 174°45.6' E

Heading -132°

The leg to Auckland in New Zealand is another long one, during which you’ll appreciate the Sanlorenzo 460EXP’s self-sufficiency.

Facing almost a fortnight on board during this voyage, you’ll find there’s plenty to keep guests entertained – whether that’s fishing off the back of the boat, watching the best movies, soaking in the spa pool or working out in her gym. Of course, with all her toys and diving gear, there’s plenty of opportunity to stop off and have some fun along the way.

When you hit New Zealand, you can do any number of activities from exploring the inner of a volcano to wine tasting, wildlife watching, diving, spear-fishing and much more.


Raja Ampat

0° 53' S 131° 16' E

Heading -59°

Raja Ampat boasts many treats for explorers like its jungles, caves and prehistoric rock paintings. But this destination earns its place in the ultimate itinerary because it offers the finest diving in the world and some of the best opportunities to swim with Manta Rays or watch dolphins.

If you’re chasing encounters with marine life, the Sanlorenzo 460EXP is the perfect platform because she can remain silent at sea for hours – this self-sufficiency prevents any vibration or noise pollution from scaring wildlife away and won’t jeopardise those unforgettable experiences.



01°14.4' N 103°50.2' E

Heading -83°

As you’d expect from one of the world’s busiest ports, superyacht facilities in Singapore are decent so you can wrap up your ultimate itinerary in absolute luxury.

With plenty to see on a cruise – from sunset over the city to hopping round the Southern Islands or venturing further afield on a weekend cruise in Indonesia or Malaysia – Singapore is a great final yachting base. With the chance to be spontaneous you’ll want to visit on a yacht that’s always ready-to-go, like the Sanlorenzo 460EXP that needs to re-provision so rarely that you don’t have to worry about running out of anything.

And if you want to indulge in world-class shopping, explore the city’s rich cultural history, wander its parks and experience night safaris, there’s plenty to attract you off the yacht.