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Toscano cigars celebrates 200th anniversary with commemorative book


Traditional Italian cigar manufacturer Toscano is celebrating its 200th anniversary by publishing a beautiful coffee table book charting its fascinating history. The book reconstructs the story of the brand and reveals its techniques, illustrating the beloved cigar’s ties with Italy as well as its international appeal.

Toscano is celebrating its 200th anniversary with a new coffee table book.

In this volume, the production of Toscano cigars — from growing the tobacco to the preparation of the leaves — unfolds against the breathtaking scenery of Italy. The book is enriched with stories about the various personages and celebrities, including intellectuals, politicians, film directors and musicians, who have loved and continue to love Toscano cigars. It also features notes on the lifestyle associated with this passion such as perfumes, flavours and colours tied to nature, wine, leather goods and food.

In the run up to this anniversary year, Toscano cigars also presented its portfolio at the Boat International US party at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. Attended by the great and the good of the super yacht industry, including owners, brokers, designers and builders, the party played host to an al fresco cigar lounge in which guests could relax and enjoy the atmosphere with one of Toscano’s top quality cigars. Receiving rave reviews from guests - many of whom are keen cigar connoisseurs - they’re perfect for keeping in your humidor and offering to guests.

To find out more about Toscano visit __manifatturesigarotoscano.it.