Voly yacht certification

Voly launches new Voly Certification for superyacht crew

4 July 2023 • by Sophia Wilson for Voly

Over the past few years financial management platform Voly has established itself as an industry essential, becoming the “superyacht captain’s new best friend” by streamlining expenditure management.  In recognition of its growth in the sector, the company has announced a new Voly Software Certification, to equip crew with the necessary skills and expertise to harness the full potential of the renowned platform.

“Usually, yacht crew can only learn how to use the Voly platform if the yacht that they are working on signs up to Voly,” explains Voly Group CEO Ian Flanagan. “But we’ve noticed a trend in recent years of crew approaching us directly to ask for training, sometimes before they have even been assigned to a boat, or because they want to work on a specific yacht that uses Voly.”

Ian Flanagan, CEO of Voly

To fulfil this requirement, Voly Group has created an eight-module course that covers all the core functionalities of the Voly accounting platform. Participants will gain proficiency in various areas, including invoice processing, management of Voly prepaid cards and cash, budgeting and reporting, as well as Voly APA charter management.

The program is fully online and remote, allowing crew to complete the modules at their own pace, fitting in seamlessly with their busy onboard schedules. Each module takes approximately five to six hours to complete, which can be done in one day or spread out over multiple sessions. At the end of each module, participants will undergo an online assessment, requiring an 80 per cent pass rate to obtain their Voly Software Certification.

The new course is already proving to be popular with crew. Isobel Griffiths, who is yacht purser on an 80-metre superyacht, was excited for the opportunity to “deepen” her knowledge having worked on several yachts that use Voly.  “The training program has provided me a plethora of knowledge including increasing my efficiency in processing transactions and payments, multiple currencies and reporting,” she says. “If you are looking to progress your career to Purser, or to solidify your understanding of Voly as a head of department, I highly recommend the program.”

Purser Isobel Griffiths recommends the course

Lorian Smith, captain of a 55-metre motor yacht, agrees that an understanding of Voly is becoming an increasingly important credential when hiring crew. “We use Voly, so one of the key questions I ask potential crew members before joining our team is; “can you use Voly” if the answer is yes, then I’m happy. If they are Voly certified, then that pips them to the front of the hiring list,” he says.

The course has been deliberately designed to be suitable for multiple crew members and also family offices that are involved in yacht management. “Whether you’re a captain or purser with the huge responsibility of managing the entire boat’s finances, a second stew looking to enhance your knowledge to take your career to the next step, or a chef wanting to have better visibility and control over spend in a busy galley, the Voly Software Certification will give you the confidence to effectively manage your financial responsibilities on board at every level,” says Flanagan.

Superyacht management firm Dean & Waters has already purchased a number of course places, which will be included within its management fee as part of its overall commitment to quality crew training and enhancement.

“We are delighted to support, from the outset, the Voly Software Certification, which is centred on quality training in an area of yachting often forgotten,” says Nicholas Dean, owner of Dean & Waters. “In terms of its importance to an owner and their family office for accurate, transparent financial management and reporting, the certification will ensure high standards are met.”

Flanagan is confident that empowering crew to have a more thorough understanding of the platform will improve accuracy and save further time for captains and yacht management firms. “As Voly further establishes itself as the industry standard and expands its fleet, the certification program will contribute to standardising financial reporting across the market, ultimately enhancing the owner’s experience and strengthening the yachting industry as a whole,” he adds.

The announcement marks another important milestone for the Voly Group, following the news that the company had acquired Pinpoint Works earlier this year. The new certification means that it will no longer be necessary to redirect crew members to third-party training.  As Flanagan puts it: “There is no better way to learn how to use a piece of software than directly from the creators of the software.”

More information about Voly Software Certification can be found here, or click here to speak to the team directly.