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Meet the platforms revolutionising yacht owners' family office asset management

23 January 2024 • by Hannah Rankine for Voly Group

Whilst you may associate Voly Group primarily with a financial management platform used by senior yacht crew, the brand's acquisition of Pinpoint Works is poised to introduce an advanced level of project management specifically tailored for family offices. Within family offices, property managers and asset managers are continually tasked with ensuring the prompt readiness of their ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) clients' yachts, properties and private jets for immediate use, often managing these responsibilities from distant corners of the globe. This substantial undertaking requires meticulous execution to meet the exacting standards of multi-millionaire clients. BOAT delves into the enhanced capabilities that Voly and Pinpoint Works bring to family offices, exploring how it can significantly improve the efficient management of UHNW clients' diverse assets.

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Understanding Voly

Voly stands as a comprehensive global financial management solution that operates across multiple currencies. Tailored for individuals who may not have an accounting background, such as busy yacht crew and time-constrained asset managers, Voly's suite of features - including real-time reporting, tracking and payment solutions - delivers heightened accuracy and time savings of up to 50 per cent. This powerful tool instills absolute confidence in family offices, empowering them to seamlessly manage diverse assets worldwide for UHNWI. Offering a unified platform, Voly provides complete oversight of financial management, cash flow, budgets and payments, transcending multiple currencies and locations.

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What makes Pinpoint Works different?

Pinpoint Works stands out as a premier project management tool within the luxury sector, catering to those managing yachts, properties and private jets. The interactive platform is designed to empower property managers, asset managers and project managers by offering a comprehensive and streamlined visualisation tool for efficient project management. Facilitating seamless planning, coordination, communication and collaboration, Pinpoint Works ensures that teams operate with maximum effectiveness to get yacht and property works completed faster.

The platform's interactive worklist provides family offices with a global overview of each property, complete with site plans, floor plans, photos, and videos. This real-time accessibility allows team members from around the world to work collaboratively off the same list. Furthermore, the interactive site plan feature enables users to precisely locate and share work details with teams or contractors, irrespective of the asset type.

The mobile app component enables teams to log, share and track work and to-do lists efficiently. This comprehensive tool allows for the monitoring of ongoing works assigned to staff, tracking project progress and sending detailed reports to contractors or even directly to the beneficial owner. Notably, users can export files in PDF, Word or Excel formats, incorporating powerful and customisable visuals for a quick snapshot of project data.

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The invaluable capabilities of Pinpoint Works offer peace of mind for family offices, assuring them that their clients can seamlessly travel across the globe, whether it's a few days sailing on a yacht or enjoying carefully curated properties in the Caribbean. This ease of use ensures that family offices maintain a professional and organised approach when interacting with stakeholders and clients.

“Being able to manage the maintenance requirements of properties, yachts and private aircraft with Pinpoint Works alongside the financial aspects using Voly in real-time with an overarching view of all our clients' assets is a huge benefit,” comments Jason Oates, CEO of Jaymo Family Office. “In my view, it is one that is quite simply unmatched in the market. When the two platforms are fully integrated, it will be a full end-to-end software which will provide us additional transparency and cost savings that we can see endless advantages to.”

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Pinpoint Works and Voly: a match made in heaven

The synergy between Pinpoint Works and Voly software platforms is an ideal pairing, poised to revolutionise family offices and the yachting industry.

Voly is actively working on integrating Pinpoint Works with Voly's financial management software, paving the way for a robust platform that promises transformative capabilities. The resulting platform will not only span the entire project management spectrum, encompassing maintenance quotes, approvals, implementation and seamless invoicing but will also feature built-in financial management, budgeting, payments and foreign exchange functionalities in 26 currencies.

Voly estimates that a family office comprising two to six staff members typically processes an average of 328 invoices per month for a client. With an average of three emails generated per invoice, adopting Voly translates to saving a remarkable 986 emails annually. What’s more, whilst clients typically require 579 card transactions per year, taking approximately 3.5 minutes per transaction, Voly’s new platform results in substantial time savings amounting to 2,026 minutes, equivalent to 33 hours per year.

The integration of Pinpoint Works and Voly not only represents a technological milestone but also emphasises the tangible benefits and efficiency enhancements for family offices, all within the seamless convenience of a unified platform.

"Voly has been a game-changer for our team since we adopted it in 2021," explains Edouard de Maillé, co-founder of family office Edmar International. "Its seamless integration for yacht and property accounts management has significantly improved our daily operations. The user-friendly interface and automation features have made it easy for both managers and staff/crew members to navigate, saving time and reducing errors. The real-time insights and versatile capabilities of Voly have transformed the way we make decisions and collaborate. I highly recommend Voly to any organisation in property and yacht management – it has revolutionised our workflow."

To get set up on Voly’s revolutionary platform for family offices, book a demo with Voly or to start using Pinpoint Works' project management platform, book a demo today.

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