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Top 10 most adventurous superyachts of 2020

30 April 2021By Nic Robinson

Overall distances travelled by the global superyacht fleet may have slipped in 2020, largely due to the coronavirus pandemic, but BOAT Pro data shows many owners maintained an adventurous spirit and managed to cruise the world.

Exclusive research from Boat International showed total distances travelled by the 5,600 vessels monitored by BOAT Pro’s AIS function were down over 4m nautical miles compared to 2019 levels.

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However, owners collectively still managed to rack up an impressive 13.1m nm last year, travelling to some of the most exotic and challenging parts of the world.

Many of the top 10 most adventurous superyachts of 2020 favoured the warmer climates of the Mediterranean and the Caribbean Sea, but some also ventured into more treacherous waters on daring exploration missions.

As a group, the 10 most adventurous superyachts managed to travel over 237,500 nautical miles last year.

Find out where the top 10 sailed below and track the global fleet yourself with BOAT Pro.

1) Anna (29,500 nm), Feadship

Anna, a 110 metre Feadship, was delivered in 2018 and designed inside and out by Michael Leach Design.

She is the largest of Feadship’s superyachts to date and features a bespoke diesel-electric propulsion system as well as a landing pad for a tilt-rotor aircraft.

During the coronavirus pandemic she travelled mostly around the Americas as well as the Mediterranean.

She spent a significant amount of time along the west coast of America, Mexico as well as Puerto Rico and Argentina. By the end of 2020, Anna travelled for over 29,500 nautical miles.

Construction on Anna began in 2015 before being launched in June 2018 and handed over to her owner in October of the same year.

Voyager(27,000 nm), Swiftships

After completing a three-year conversion in 2019, Swiftships-built 91.40 metre Voyager commenced a mammoth journey in 2020, which her owner was no doubt itching to undertake after a long refit.

Previously known as Danah Voyager, the vessel ranked as the largest superyacht conversion in US history at the time.

Last year she travelled around the coast of South Africa, Madagascar, South America, as well as Antarctica, totting up over 27,000 nautical miles.

Voyager was launched in January 1997 as Candy Trader and operated as a supply ship for commercial works.

In 2003 she was renamed HOS Trader, before another flag and name change in January 2015.

March 2016 saw her moniker change to the current name of Voyager.

3) Venus (25,800 nm), Feadship

This 78.20 metre Feadship, built for the late Apple founder Steve Jobs, was ordered in 2009, delivered in December 2012 and refitted in January 2015.

Jobs sadly passed away in 2011 before the yacht was launched and he unfortunately did not get to enjoy the unique ship.

In 2020, however, the vessel travelled around Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, Puerto Rico and crossed the North Atlantic.

She also spent time in the Mediterranean, including Portugal, France and Italy, underway an impressive 25,800 nautical miles in 2020.

The unique build is an all-aluminium full custom motor yacht, with a slick minimalist look given to it by Philippe Starck.

Its futuristic spirit comes from Feadship’s De Voogt Naval Architects team, who designed a clever upper deck that conceals communications and television receivers.

4) Faith (25,600 nm), Feadship

Delivered by Feadship in 2017, 96.55 metre Faith has a top speed of 17 knots from a diesel engine and a maximum cruising range of 5,000 nm.

During 2020 the superyacht spent much of her time cruising the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea and travelled through the Suez Canal.

The Mediterranean was featured heavily on her itinerary, including Greece, Italy, France and Spain.

Faith also cruised across the North Atlantic, spending time in and around Barbados, St Vincent and the Grenadines.

5) Evohe (22,700 nm), De Wachter

Proving motor yachts aren’t the only boats with an adventurous spirit, 24.99 metre sailing yacht Evohe travelled some serious nautical miles during 2020, tallying 22,700 in total.

She was built by De Wachter and delivered in 1979.

Last year Evohe put in the miles around the South Atlantic, also spending some time off the South Africa coast.

She also travelled around South America, the South Pacific Ocean and spent considerable time around New Zealand.

Evohe was designed by A.Defrere and up to 12 people can be accommodated onboard with a crew of three

6) Ije (22,300 nm), Benetti

Ije is a 108 metre superyacht delivered by Benetti in 2019 and was designed to combine the best of luxury yachting with the spirit of adventure, a sentiment her owners held true during 2020.

Last year Ije put in some serious nautical miles, cruising over 22,300 of them around French Polynesia, the Gulf of California, Panama and the Caribbean Sea.

She has a top cruising speed of 16 knots powered by a diesel engine, along with a range of 6,500 nautical miles. Ije was designed by RWD and launched with a great fanfare two years ago.

7) Vava II (22,000 nm), Devonport

Sleek lines and a simplistic exterior make Vava II one of the most sophisticated modern yachts to look at.

In 2020 she travelled 22,000 nautical miles, putting in time around French Polynesia, North America, Panama and Puerto Rico.

Vava II also spent some time around Spain and Portugal as well as the United Kingdom.

The 96 metre motor yacht built by Davenport and delivered in 2012 has a cruising speed of 16 knots powered by a diesel engine.

She can accommodate up to 36 guests, a crew of 34 and was designed by RWD.

8) Arctic Sunrise (21,100 nm), Vaagen Verft

From to the Arctic to Antarctica, Arctic Sunrise clearly lived by her name in 2020 and mapped one of the most adventurous trips of the year.

But it comes as no surprise, as this research vessel exists purely to travel the globe in a bid to understand changes in the world around us.

She travelled between Antarctica, South America, the Mediterranean, northern Europe and the Arctic Ocean.

The ice-strengthened ship is operated by Greenpeace and was built by Vaagen Verft in 1975.

She is 49.62 metres in length, has a top speed of 14 knots and the capacity for a crew of up to 30.

9) Bravo Eugenia (20,800 nm), Oceanco

An impressive sight on the water, Bravo Eugenia is a stunning 109 metre motor yacht built by by Oceanco and delivered in 2018.

Last year saw Bravo Eugenia travel around the Caribbean Sea, where she visited Puerto Rico as well as Florida, Panama, Los Angeles and the north west coast of Canada, putting in an admirable 20,800 nautical miles.

She was designed by Nuvolari Lenard and a diesel engine powers the yacht which has a top speed of 17.5 knots thanks to traditional diesel propulsion.

10) Shtandart (20,700 nm), Tecnomar – The Italian Sea Group

Shtandart, a 37 metre motor yacht made by Tecnomar – The Italian Sea Group and delivered in 2007.

In 2020, Shtandart stuck to the popular cruising areas of the Mediterranean, the French coast as well as Britain and the Netherlands, putting in a good 20,700 nautical miles.

She travels under the power of the diesel engine and has space for up to four guests and five crew.

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