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Edmiston takes steps towards carbon neutrality with “first-of-its-kind” new collaboration

4 May 2022 •by Katia Damborsky

Leading yacht brokerage firm Edmiston has announced a “first-of-its-kind” new partnership with British climate technology company Levidian Nanosystems.

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The collaboration aims to support Edmiston’s path to carbon neutrality within the yachting sector and beyond, while also supporting Levidian and offering valuable knowledge of the marine sector.

One of the technologies which Levidian provides is LOOP, a device that “cracks” methane into atoms, producing super-clean hydrogen and a material called graphene in the process.

Both of these materials have huge potential for the yachting industry, according to John Hartley, Levidian’s Chief Executive. “Our LOOP technology not only offers a green route to producing graphene, but it also offers the ability to rapidly decarbonise some of the heavy industries that are behind the yachts we see today.”

Graphene in particular will be an “important part of decarbonising the maritime sector.” At just one atom thick, it is the thinnest material on the planet but it is around 200 times stronger than steel. Potential applications include battery technology, paints and coatings and desalinations systems.

Shipyards can also reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 40 percent by switching from natural gases to the clean hydrogen-rich blend that LOOP creates on site.

As well as its primary function, LOOP has the benefit of integrating seamlessly within the existing infrastructure to help the yachting supply chain on its journey to decarbonisation.

“When I was first introduced to Levidian in 2020, I was hugely impressed with the technology and the team behind it,” commented Jamie Edmiston, chief executive of Edmiston. “There are clear applications for Levidian’s technology in the maritime sector, and we look forward to working with Levidian as Edmiston works forward towards net zero.”

The news comes after Edmiston reported brokerage sales nearing €600m in October 2021.