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14 October 2021 •by Voly Group

Captains are saving time and streamlining their expenditure management with an innovative and user-friendly new platform, as the Voly Group tells BOAT Business Presents.

Superyachting’s first dedicated and fully automated advance provisioning allowance (APA) platform launched in 2020, offering a full-service solution for keeping on top of APA expenditure.

Developed by Voly, the yachting industry’s leading multi-currency accounting and payment platform solution, Voly APA is a standalone online and mobile service that boasts full expense management with an integrated prepaid Mastercard that automatically syncs directly to the platform and can be loaded instantaneously, 24/7.

Captain Wesley Kriedemann

What the captains say:

Captain Wesley Kriedemann
55m Quite Essential: 15 crew; Med season; six charters per year

“We have been using the Voly platform, including Voly APA for charters, on Quite Essential for the past two years.
“Voly manages all the operational costs and the entire accounting process from purchase request to the payment of the actual invoices.
“It also offers reports that help the owner understand the running costs and expenses on board.
“It is a great time saver and super-efficient, and the quick response from the customer- service team makes it very easy to use. The team does a great job in training you up to understand the programme and are always available if you have any questions or to guide you through any problems you may have.
“Voly has a great understanding of customer service – I can say with confidence that Voly is the best accounting programme I have ever used.”

Captain Dean Pilatti
60m Arience: 18 crew; dual season; 12 charters per year

“We have been using Voly on board Arience for almost two years and I don’t know how I used to manage without it.
“Monthly accounts are the one thing crew hate the most and Voly saves me and my crew many hours every month with its mobile app and built-in cards.
“Our charter programme is of the highest standard and every crew member gives 100 per cent to the guest experience.
“Since using Voly, the end-of-charter accounts are no longer a source of stress, and its professional, automated APA reports mean we can confidently discuss the spend with our guests without hours of sorting through receipts and manual spreadsheets, meaning we have more time to dedicate to our guests’ experience.”

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Captain Dean Pilatti

Captain and crew can manage their APA in real time, allowing expenditure to be approved prior to departure. This not only negates the need for Excel and paper receipts, but also reduces the risk of human error.

Expenses can be assigned to cost centres – with the ability to cross charge against operational spend – and invoices and receipts can be uploaded directly to the platform via a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

Voly APA can also record provisioning spend for multiple upcoming charters and provide an automated calculation at the end of a trip, including reimbursements.

With Caribbean season coming up, Voly APA is the perfect time-saving platform to ensure your charter season goes smoothly.

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