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Charter a superyacht in the Bahamas

22 January 2015

The Bahamas offer visitors the quintessential Caribbean experience within easy reach of the US mainland and the transport hubs of Florida. Situated little more than 50 miles off the east coast of Florida, the Bahamas are a mix of cosmopolitan resorts, up-market marinas, bustling towns, deserted beaches, picturesque anchorages, and sleepy villages.

From Bimini in the north-west to Great Inagua in the south-east, this chain of islands and cays are a truly magical cruising ground. Here you will be captivated by tales of pirates and the Spanish Main, buried treasure, drug and rum runners, as well as by the sheer beauty of these diverse islands.

Secret Bahamas by Captain Mark Lacey

Swimming in the Bahamas | © Shutterstock

For those in search of bright lights and excitement, Freeport on Grand Bahama and Nassau on New Providence, are the places to head for; for those in search of peace, tranquillity and beauty, the Abacos and Exumas offer them in abundance.

For those in search of excitement, the Bahamas may not be their first choice (unless, of course, you are game fishing from Bimini), but for those in search of a laid-back, chilled-out holiday amongst beautiful islands, the Bahamas are hard to beat.

If you enjoy lazing around in the sun, swimming in crystal clear seas, and snorkeling amongst coral reefs, then this is the place for you.

Enjoy some of the worlds finest lobster during your superyacht charter in the Bahamas.


Top Tips:

They may be very handy for Miami, but the Bahamas are very shallow with many lagoons and bays only one or two metres deep at best – hence most big yachts will struggle – however this is ideal cruising territory for catamarans.