Romantic long weekend: 4 days in the Bahamas

Explore Alice Town and experience mystical healing

From breathtaking white sand beaches and crystal clear waters to shipwreck snorkelling and some of the best fishing in the world, the islands of the Bahamas are simply awe inspiring and perfect for a romantic weekend getaway.

Located to the southwest of Grand Bahamas Island is the Bimini chain of islands, best known as being the Bahamas’ best fishing and diving grounds. Because the islands are situated at the edge of a sheerwater cliff on the edge of the Gulf Stream, their coral reefs are teaming with undersea life. The Stream itself serves to bring a variety of monster game fish, wild Atlantic spotted dolphins and sea turtles to its waters.

The Bimini chain's uncrowded waters, stunning scenery and sensational sunsets make it the perfect honeymoon destination or place to take your special someone for a long weekend.

Day 1

Make an early crossing from Florida to Bimini, or fly in and meet your yacht. Explore Alice Town, North Bimini on foot or golf cart, sample fresh conch salad, or perhaps head over to South Bimini to visit the Shark Lab, an outpost owned and operated by Dr Samuel H Gruber that researches Bimini’s Lemon sharks.

Those looking for rejuvenation could visit Bimini’s famed ‘Healing Hole’, a mystical pool amongst the mangroves, which is said to cure the ailments of those who dip in its waters — a mix of salt and freshwater that includes magnesium and lithium sucked up from the hole by each outgoing tide cycle and sulfur from the mangrove roots. Once restored, enjoy a relaxing dinner onboard.

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Swim with dolphins and dine in style

Meet a guide from Bimini Undersea to go on a wild dolphin swim. The expert team from Bimini Undersea head out to the ‘dolphin grounds’ and run a pattern, waiting for the wild dolphins to show up. No illegal artificial sounds or feeding is used to entice them, so it’s a waiting game, but an enjoyable one, running in the spellbinding waters off Bimini. When a pod of dolphins appears, slide into the water to frolic with them.

Those who prefer to cast a line should head out for world-class blue marlin or bonefish hunting. Later, have Bimini Bay arrange for a masseuse to come to your yacht, and enjoy dinner ashore at its restaurant Sabor, where you could try the sesame-crusted yellowfin tuna with local treat guava duff for dessert.

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Snorkel shipwrecks and starry skies

Depart Bimini and head for the SS Sapona, a steamer that was wrecked during a hurricane in the 1926 and then used for target practice by the US military in World War II. Today, the wreck sits in 5 metres of water and is considered to be one of the best shipwreck dives in the world and also great fun to snorkel. Then set course for the crescent-shaped anchorage of Honeymoon Harbor on the north end of Gun Cay.

This normally picturesque spot can get busier on the weekends or when a fishing tournament is going on. If this is the case and true serenity is desired, head to the deserted Dollar Harbor on South Cat Cay. Enjoy the night at anchor, taking in one of the best sunsets in the Caribbean before basking in the glow of the millions of stars visible in the sky.

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Enjoy a grill on the beach

Pull into the marina at the Cat Cay Club and enjoy the protected marina on this idyllic private island. Dine at the Nauticat Restaurant and sip a tropical beverage at Bu’s Bar. The crew can grill up the day’s catch at the barbecue area and stock up on provisions in the market.

Visitors are welcomed for 24 hours at the marina, or up to three days on the island if sponsored by a member. Alternatively, those who crave more time in Bimini could use today to head back and enjoy its offerings.

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