10 of the most scenic private jet landings in the world

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, Canada

A panel of international travel experts and travel fans have voted to decide the top ten most scenic landings in the world. The global poll, organised by PrivateFly, saw thousands of people vote for more than 100 different airports around the world.

The top ten includes a mixture of city views and more remote destinations that thrill both passengers and pilots.

10. Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

This small airport located on an island in Toronto Harbour was voted number six in this year's poll. Just offshore from the city’s downtown business and tourism districts the airport is only accessible by ferry, which carries passengers across the 121-metre gap.

A fan of the airport said: "The city skyline of this airport as you approach over Lake Ontario is spectacular, particularly at night. I always try to be on the side of plane so I can see the CN Tower."

Small chartered private flights can use the airport but jet aircraft are not allowed, apart from MEDEVAC.

Picture courtesy of PrivateFly

Barra Airport, Scotland, UK

Barra Airport in Scotland is unique because the runway is Traigh Mhor beach which is washed by the tide twice a day. It is reputed to be the only beach runway in the world that receives scheduled airline services.

One voter said: "Its natural beauty is breathtaking, and landing on the beach has to be a number one bucket list must do."

Picture courtesy of PrivateFly

Orlando Melbourne Airport, USA

As the only U.S. airport to make this list, Orlando Melbourne International offers a special experience for avid flyers. Visitors with soar over the Altantic Ocean, the Indian River Lagoon and a stunning array of Florida's best beaches.

Depending on where you're flying from, there's a chance of spotting NASA's Kennedy Space Centre during your descent.

One voter said: "I am a private pilot and a frequent flyer, and I have to say that the Orlando Melbourne Airport has a beautiful landing view. The mixture of the sea view to the East and the NASA launching pads to the North during a beautiful Florida sunrise make it a really cool and beautiful experience."

Video courtesy of Youtube.com / TheFlyingBatman92

St Maarten Airport (Princess Juliana International), Caribbean

One of the most exhilarating runway landings in the Caribbean, St Maarten Airport is famous for planes skimming over beach goers. The landing is so iconic that it has become a popular tourist attraction.

One fan said: "The beautiful scene of the plane coming in over the sea and and the thrilling experience of seing the low landing makes for some of the most beautiful pictures."

If you are enjoying a vacation in the Leeward Islands on a luxury yacht then stop off at the Sunset Beach Bar to enjoy a cocktail and watch the spectacle.

Picture courtesy of Michael Byrne/Shutterstock.com

London City Airport, UK

London City Airport at the heart of London has moved up to sixth position from last year's tenth. Just four miles from Canary Wharf, it acts as a business hub for London. On a clear day the landing allows you to take in the sights of London from a unique perspective.

"The approach to London City Airport opens up a dazzling, distant and proud skyline," one voter commented. "When the plane sweeps down on the city my heart is full of joy."

Picture courtesy of PrivateFly

Queenstown Airport, New Zealand

"Views over a lake not seen anywhere else in the world," said one supporter. "Azure blue to great depths preceded by mountains covered in snow on either side as you approach in winter. Absolutely stunning!"

Judge Seth Miller added: "Drop out of the clouds, between the mountains and into a lush valley with a lake in the distance. It has a bit of everything."

Picture courtesy of ©Vaughan Brookfield

Gibraltar Airport, UK overseas

Described as one of the most “exciting” places to land, Gibraltar Airport offers spectacular views on the approach. To add to the drama one of the island's main roads crosses the runway. Traffic has to be stopped on either side of the runway for every aircraft.

Landing at this stunning airport requires skill, good weather and a strong stomach. Though flights can often be diverted to Malaga in troublesome weather conditions, it's worth the risk just to enjoy the exhilarating descent.

Judge Tom Otley stated: "Gibraltar has stunning views, the iconic rock and a very short runway on the border of two countries."

Picture courtesy of Ewais/Shutterstock.com

Nice Cote D'Azur Airport, France

If you are arriving for a superyacht vacation in the French Riviera then descending into Nice, the Cote D'Azur  is the perfect shop window for what you are about to experience. It also acts as the airport for Monaco and has a helicopter service linking the city and airport.

One fan explained their favourite aspects of the landing: "Spectacular mountain backdrop, the gorgeous Côte d'Azur and skimming in over the blue and turquoise Mediterranean."

Picture courtesy of PrivateFly

Donegal Airport, Ireland

The tiny Donegal Airport located on Ireland's north west coast remains in the running thanks to its breathtaking, wild and dramatic views. The airport is a 15 minute drive from Dungloe and Gweedore in the heart of some of Ireland's most scenic countryside.

Adam Twidell, CEO and co-founder of PrivateFly, said: "I have landed at Donegal many times and the rugged coastline of Ireland's North West coast is even more awe-inspiring from the air, with the backdrop of Mount Errigal adding to the timeless appeal."

Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport, Caribbean

The sole airport on the island of Saba the runway is only 400m long and is reported to be the shortest commercial airstrip in the world. It is only a 12-minute flight from Princess Juliana International Airport and it takes in some dramatic Caribbean scenery.

Judge Seth Miller said: "Landing at Saba is essentially playing a game of chicken with a mountain sticking up in the middle of the ocean. Aim right for it and at the last possible moment a sharp turn to drop down on the shortest active commercial runway in the world. Gorgeous scenery and more than a little bit of excitement along the way."

Picture courtesy of Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH/Shutterstock.com

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