The South Bahamas superyacht charter

22 January 2015

The great thing about the Bahamas is that because there is little to do on-shore, the only things to occupy you during a charter here is trying to find your perfect beach, and perfect beach bar. As far as tourist sights are concerned, there isn’t much. So, pull up a sun lounger, settle back, and enjoy the tropical paradise that is the South Bahamas.

Andros is the biggest of the Bahamian islands, but one of the least developed. Although barely 30 miles from New Providence island and Nassau, you could be a thousand miles away from the cruise ships and duty-free shoppers, because Andros typifies most people’s idea of a sleepy Bahamian backwater.

Divers and fishermen tend to be the only visitors, and with good reason, the third-largest barrier reef in the world protects the east coast of the island, and access to the island is very difficult in all but ideal conditions.

The Exumas | ©

New Providence island is the complete opposite to Andros, with fleets of cruise ships docking here daily, up-market marinas, and extensive development all over the island. Here you will find the extraordinary Atlantis Resort, complete with its excellent marina. Again, Nassau is one of those places to stop and provision, but the real Bahamas are to be found elsewhere.

And that “elsewhere” could well be The Exumas. This is a chain of exquisitely beautiful islands and cays that run south-east from New Providence. Great Exuma is the main island of this chain, where you will find a certain level of “civilisation.”

But you could easily spend 2 weeks cruising slowly around The Exumas, such is the beauty and tranquillity of this area. Beautiful beaches, idyllic anchorages, and a completely different pace of life, is what this part of the Bahamas is all about.