Interiors inspiration: Inside N.Studio's latest London penthouse

The master bedroom

If you're considering giving your superyacht interiors a refresh but are a little stuck for ideas taking inspiration from the experts can be a great help. N.Studio, the interior design arm of property developer Northacre, has a great deal of experience creating luxurious, sumptuous interiors which are still cosy and liveable and its latest project, the penthouse apartment at Prince Edwards Mansions in Notting Hill, London, is no different.

“Although the apartment had a good footprint, it was divided into too many separate rooms. It needed a reconfiguration that was suitable for today’s preference for open-plan living,” says Holly Stone, creative director of interior design at N.Studio. Click through to tour the apartment and for more of Stone's interior design advice.

The master bedroom

"We didn’t approach the scheme for this room in terms of forming a main focal point," explains Stone. "It was more important that the colours and style were sympathetic and soft with light feminine touches. Having said that, there is a pair of large vintage Italian mirrors above each bedside table that increase the feeling of space in the room, which creates a sense of history and naturally draws the eye when you enter."

The wallpaper

“We wanted something that would be an interesting but not overwhelming backdrop to the bed," says Stone of the lightly patterned wallpaper in the master bedroom. "The wallpaper’s fluid design and calm colours are a perfect addition to the scheme and serve to open up the space, drawing your eye around the horizon in the pattern and around the entirety of the room.”

The dining room

As with many superyachts, commissioning key pieces of bespoke furniture helped add personality and uniqueness to the Prince Edward Mansions apartment. “I find the main focal point within the dining room is the beautiful table," says Stone. "It was created as a bespoke piece, so it could fit the space perfectly. The real beauty of the piece is in the timber. We used a beautiful poplar burr, which underwent many rounds of sampling for the stain finish, as we wanted to get the honey colour just right to work with the fumed oak floor, and the room as a whole. Clients increasingly want to know that they have a one-of-kind item that no one else will have.”

The drawing room

“We considered installing a period fireplace in the room, but felt instead that we wanted to create more of a statement. We designed a travertine and brass contemporary fire surround that brings a touch of modernity whilst also giving a nod to the period features of the apartment,” says Stone, giving good advice for any owner wishing to take up the new trend for superyacht fireplaces.

Works of art

“We were influenced by the layout of the panelling when choosing the series of artworks for the wall behind the sofa," comments Stone. "With three large panels there was scope for a collection to be displayed. We planned for a set of eight and found that watercolour would be the best medium to give a bright and abstract feel to the walls. The watercolours provide that brightness but with a softness and subtlety of line that creates a delicate and beautiful backdrop.”

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