This Italian builder of performance motor yachts from 47’ to 78’ was forged in the crucible of the European powerboat racing circuit.


For two decades, staring in 1955, Italian racer Marcello Fazioli built outboard-powered speedboats for himself and others competing on the circuit. In 1975, Fazioli stepped back from racing but not from building high performance vessels, launching the Alfamarine shipyard in Fiumicino, near Rome. Alfamarine’s first success was the Bronte 40 model, designed by Renato Sonny Levi and Franco Harrauer, which pioneered use of the fixed surface drive as part of the yacht’s propulsion system.

Over the years, Alfamarine has remained a family-run organisation, as Andrea Fazioli has joined his father in leading the shipyard. Alfamarine currently builds production composite yachts from 47 to 78 feet, equipped with dual or triple engine installations, typically mated to Arneson surface drives.

Notable Yachts

Prior to the worldwide recession, Alfamarine built yachts in the 80’ to 90’ range. The shipyard’s most recent new model is the sleek 78, designed by Andrea Bacigalupa, which debuted in 2004. Depending on its propulsion package, the Alfamarine 78 is capable of speeds of up to 50 knots.


Alfamarine’s focus remains building performance composite luxury yachts in its high-tech, covered production facility. The shipyard also has Travelifts and the requisite skills and experience to perform service and maintenance work.

Alfamarine   27.01 m •  1994
Alfamarine   27.01 m •  1994
Alfamarine   26.21 m •  1998
Alfamarine   25.3 m •  1995
Alfamarine   25.3 m •  1986
Alfamarine   25.3 m •  1987
Alfamarine   25.3 m •  1988
Alfamarine   25.3 m •  1986