Arkin Pruva

Arkin Pruva, located in Anatalya, Turkey, is dedicated to building contemporary sailing superyachts inspired by the racing sloops of yachting’s golden past, such as the magnificent J-Class yachts.


Erbil Arkin, who began his yachting career as an avid luxury yacht charter client, originally opened Arkin Pruva to build his own luxury sailing superyacht, the 37m Daima, a 37m motorsailer. The two-masted Daima, designed in the spirit of the traditional Turkish “Gulet” sailboats but featuring high-tech components, launched in 2010.

Arkin also expressed interest in hiring his friend, yacht designer Rob Humphreys, to design a J-Class yacht for him, but as the story goes, the designer persuaded Arkin to create instead a new “modern classic” sailing superyacht providing more comfortable cruising performance and accommodations. This collaboration between Humphrey Yacht Design and Arkin Pruva led to the design of the new, Tempus Class 90, 125, and 150 wooden sailing superyachts.

Notable Launches

Following Daima, Arkin Pruva built the 25.35m schooner Shindela, designed by Burnett Yacht Design. Shindela was constructed of cold-moulded wood, and launched in 2011. The first Tempus Class yacht, the 27.43m Tempus Fugit, launched in 2013, and went on to make her debut on the international superyacht racing circuit.


Arkin Pruva builds semi-custom and custom sailing superyachts, specialising in cold-moulded wood/epoxy construction. The shipyard also handles superyacht refits.

Arkin Pruva   42.5 m •  2009
Arkin Pruva   27.43 m •  2013
Arkin Pruva   27.1 m •  2019
Arkin Pruva   25.35 m •  2011