Icon Yachts

ICON Yachts is a high-quality, Dutch builder of bespoke Conversion Explorer yachts with a fresh approach to building and engineering techniques, able to offer the best value for money in today’s market.

Passion and drive to excel define the ICON team and its partners, from the shop floor right through to management and shareholders. Doubled with our experience and expertise, at ICON Yachts we love designing, engineering and realising ultimate Dutch-branded Global Explorer Yachts, providing our clients with a purpose, unparalleled experiences and unforgettable journeys.

History of ICON Yachts

In 2005, superyacht industry veteran Wim C. Koersvelt and two associates opened ICON Yachts in Harlingen, The Netherlands. Rather than to build unique, “one-off” custom superyachts that would require three or more years to design and construct, ICON Yachts was founded on a groundbreaking new concept. The shipyard offers a 62.5-metre “pre-engineered” superyacht platform that combines a “blueprinted” hull credited to Jourke van der Baan with the opportunity for owners to fully customise their yachts from the waterline up.

ICON Yachts has delivered on this concept, delivering several superyachts to date with exceptionally short build times in the two-year range. In addition, ICON is dedicated to maintaining one of the “greenest” shipyards in the yachting industry, and outfits each yacht it builds with equipment to help reduce its environmental impact.

Icon Yachts   67.5 m •  2010
Icon Yachts   62.5 m •  2010
Icon Yachts   62.5 m •  2013
Icon Yachts   45.84 m • 
Icon Yachts   40.6 m •  2011
Icon Yachts   29.22 m •  2024