Dedication to German perfection in manufacturing has made KaiserWerft an industry leader in building superyachts that range in size from 30 to 86 metres.


Founded in 1989, KaiserWerft draws on more than 25 years of experience in building custom and semi-custom superyachts. A widespread reorganisation of the company in 2009 put a new management team in place and opened new manufacturing facilities in Rostock, Germany, and the Free Trade Zone of Antalya, Turkey.

Notable Launches

KaiserWeft offers the semi-custom Baron series, for which it provides engineering and exterior design. In 2004, the 31-metre Baron 102 Ocean of Love was delivered, featuring an interior design by Egg and Dart.

KaiserWerft’s custom, 40-metre superyacht Catwalk debuted in early 2006 with an interior by Schnaase Interior Design featuring stucco walls and fabrics in harmony with oak and African Zebrawood. The superyacht boasts unusually high ceilings, especially in the entrance lobby.

The Kaiser 85, currently under construction, was designed by Luca Dini. It will driven by hybrid power: four diesel-electric engines and a high-tech Voith Schneider-propulsion system, which also will provide stabilisation for the vessel.


KaiserWerft’s designers, engineers and craftsmen use cutting-edge equipment, technology and materials to create and custom build yachts for low fuel consumption and minimum maintenance. The shipyard also builds ships for the commercial and military sectors.

Kaiserwerft   40.6 m •  2006
Kaiserwerft   40.6 m •  2007
Kaiserwerft   31.09 m •  2003
Kaiserwerft   31.09 m •  2004
Kaiserwerft   31.09 m •  2005