Luxury yacht builder Silver Yachts manufactures custom, high-performance aluminium superyachts ranging from 73 to 100 metres. Based in the Australian Marine Complex (AMC) in Fremantle, Western Australia, the shipyard works with internationally recognised naval architect Espen Øino, and provides its customers with a full range of construction and design services.

History of Silver Yachts

The company, officially known as Hanseatic Marine, was founded in 2005 by entrepreneur Guido Krass in order to begin construction on the superyacht builder’s first vessel, Silver (now Rabdan), which was launched in 2007. At 73 metres in length, Rabdan ranked as the largest all-aluminum vessel in the world.

Notable superyachts by Silver Yachts

In 2009, superyacht builder Silver Yachts introduced Silver Zwei (now Dragonfly), which at 78 metres took over the title of the world’s largest aluminum superyacht.  This year, the shipyard launched the 77m superyacht Silverfast. Future builds include the 100m Espen Øino-designed Silver Global, which will be the first in a new series of larger volume, high-performance superyachts with global cruising range.

Specialisations of Silver Yachts

Australian superyacht builder Silver Yachts specialises in aluminium yacht construction and employs a dedicated metalworking team of masters in the use of this material on site, including paint and fairing specialists. The shipyard’s interiors division includes skilled leatherworkers, cabinetmakers and upholsterers.

SilverYachts   85.3 m •  2022
SilverYachts   85.3 m •  2019
SilverYachts   77 m •  2015
SilverYachts   77 m •  2012
SilverYachts   73.3 m •  2007
SilverYachts   73.3 m •  2009
SilverYachts   35.5 m •  2022
SilverYachts   35.5 m •  2024