Tarrab Yachts makes custom and semi-custom luxury motor yachts in the Italian style at its factory in Tigre, Argentina, near Buenos Aires. This shipyard ranks as one of Argentina’s leading makers of GRP yachts from 12 to 40 metres.


Tarrab celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2013. Family-owned and -operated, it was a pioneer in the development of composite luxury yacht construction, utilising GRP from its start.

Notable Yachts

Tarrab Yachts has started construction on a new Tarrab 116, and recently recently launched its new Tarrab 72. Other models of note include the Tarrab 101 Tri Deck Motor Yacht. The shipyard’s design team brought contemporary Italian styling to Argentina.


Tarrab Yachts boast wide beams and low centres of gravity, which improves stability and adds multiple structural bulkheads to enhance hull structure and offer greater safety. All yacht systems are designed for easy serviceability.

The shipyard uses American and European technology and equipment. Its skilled craftsmen make all the furniture used in Tarrab yachts.

Unlike many builders of fiberglass yachts, Tarrab lays up its hulls without using coring. Instead, vinylester resins are used in the skins, which helps prevent blistering. It also applies blister-guard epoxy treatment to hull bottoms before applying bottom paint for added protection. To reduce noise and vibration, Tarrab fiberglasses in bulkheads on all sides. It also bolts a U-frame steel overlay to stringers before installing engines and other mechanical devices to the engine room. Engine mounts also are fastened to the overlay, which disperses weight and minimises vibration.

Tarrab   38.1 m •  2001
Tarrab   34.14 m •  1995
Tarrab   32 m •  2000
Tarrab   30.78 m •  2007
Tarrab   30.48 m •  1997
Tarrab   29.57 m •  2004
Tarrab   29.57 m •  1992
Tarrab   28.04 m •  2002
Tarrab   28.01 m •  1992
Tarrab   27.74 m •  2012
Tarrab   27.43 m •  1998
Tarrab   26.82 m •  1998
Tarrab   26.82 m •  2001
Tarrab   26.21 m •  1999
Tarrab   26.12 m •  2001
Tarrab   25.91 m •  1994
Tarrab   25.85 m •  1990
Tarrab   25 m •  1999
Tarrab   24.99 m •  1996
Tarrab   24.93 m •  1992
Tarrab   24.93 m •  2000
Tarrab   24.38 m •  2004