Timmerman Yachts

Timmerman Yachts is a Russian builder of quality luxury motor yachts. Based in Moscow, it is owned by a group of Dutch and Russian investors and operates out of Moscow Shipyard. Several noted naval architecture and yacht design firms are involved with Timmerman, including Vripack, Guido de Groot Design, Ginton Naval Architects, Jon Bannenberg Ltd., and Francis Design Ltd.


Founded in 2003, the company was named for 17th century Dutch boat builder Franz Timmerman who brought Dutch boat manufacturing techniques to Russia and co-founded the Russian navy. Timmerman Yachts has more than 1,000 employees working at the Moscow Shipyard.

Notable Timmerman Yachts

Timmerman has delivered a number of semi-custom luxury yachts between 26-47 metres in length, including TM26 and Timmerman FD-51, designed by Francis Design Ltd. Other notable Timmerman yachts include Victoria M, Alexandra (now Latitude) and Olsten 125'.


One of the 10 largest yacht builders in the world, Timmerman is focused on building high-quality luxury yachts at more competitive prices. Its Russian-Dutch partnership provides great yacht-building capabilities. Timmerman builds yacht to the highest standards and holds DNV, MCA and Russian River Register certification. The company reportedly has more than a dozen yachts in some phase of construction.

Timmerman   44.98 m •  2008
Timmerman   44.7 m •  2014
Timmerman   39.5 m •  2010
Timmerman   39.5 m •  2008
Timmerman   38.01 m •  2004
Timmerman   38.01 m •  2004
Timmerman   34.56 m •  2006
Timmerman   34.56 m •  2005
Timmerman   32.5 m •  2010
Timmerman   32.49 m •  2008
Timmerman   32 m •  2003
Timmerman   26.4 m •  2012
Timmerman   26.4 m •  2009