Vicem Yachts

Vicem Yachts is a builder of cold-molded wooden, classic luxury motor yachts, sports fishermen and coastal cruisers, located in Istanbul, Turkey. With more than 150 yachts delivered since it was founded 23 years ago, Vicem ranks as one of Turkey’s largest yacht builders.

History of Vicem Yachts

Founded by Sebahattin Hafizoglu, a businessman from Vicem, Turkey, the shipyard delivered its first yacht in 1991. Hafizoglu had a love for the Turkish “Gulets”, the traditional schooners of the Bosporous. Using their design as a foundation, he combined his concepts with state-of-the-art cold-molded wood and epoxy techniques to create a new line of classic custom yachts.

Notable Vicem Superyachts

Among Vicem’s more noteworthy designs is the 32-metre Vicem 107 Cruiser, which was introduced in November 2013 during the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. The company also introduced the 46-metre 46 Vulcan, which was designed by noted naval architect Frank Mulder.

In 2014, Vicem delivered its first 97 Motor Yacht, the second largest yacht in the Vicem Vintage line. She is hand-crafted and features a composite finish.


Every Vicem Yacht is handcrafted and fully customised, so that each build is unique in character and design. The shipyard’s cold-molded process combines traditional wood-working craftsmanship with contemporary, high-tech techniques. Layers of thin solid-wood veneers are applied at varying angles and are saturated with layer of epoxy. The process creates a hull that typically is lighter, stronger and more durable than traditional fiberglass molding.

Vicem   46.63 m •  2012
Vicem   38.38 m •  2013
Vicem   33.56 m •  2013
Vicem   32.5 m •  2012
Vicem   29.5 m •  2007
Vicem   28.35 m •  2023
Vicem   26 m •  2006
Vicem   25.1 m •  2022
Vicem   25 m •  2011
Vicem   24.5 m •  2011