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Credit: Otam Yachts

How customisation is taken to the next level on board the new Otam 90 GTS flagship

23 April 2024 • Written by Hannah Rankine for Otam Yachts

Many shipyards can build a fast yacht, but building a fast yacht and ensuring the utmost comfort on board, all while allowing the client to customise every single aspect of the boat, even down to the general arrangement, is extremely challenging. Yet, Italian builder Otam Yachts has made it their hallmark.

Designed as a day boat to complement a fleet of family-owned yachts, the Otam 90 GTS is nearing its launch in Genoa this summer. Far removed from the constraints of a production line, Otam Yachts offers clients the freedom to completely build their boat and make their dreams a reality.

"The typical Otam client is not just asking for customisation, they want to be the designer and the captain – the one who holds the pencil," explains Matteo Belardinelli, sales and communication manager of Otam Yachts.

BOAT’s Hannah Rankine sits down Belardinelli and delves into the intricacies of how the Otam 90 GTS translates the owner’s vision into reality.

Credit: Otam Yachts

A one-of-a-kind design

Drawing inspiration from the high-octane world of Formula One racing, the design of the Otam 90 GTS is a collaborative effort between the shipyard and Giuseppe Bagnardi of the Italian studio BG Design Firm. Built in a custom Awlgrip colour to meet the client’s request, the carbon fibre helm console is reminiscent of the protective "halo" structure synonymous with Formula One cars. “This design not only fulfils the client’s design brief, but it is also extremely functional,” says Belardinelli. “Every piece of the dashboard has been made in carbon fibre to reduce weight.”

Credit: Otam Yachts

The same structure also features an integrated and independent cooling system within the console. This ensures the maintenance of optimal temperatures for both the console and its electronic components, enhancing performance and longevity. The yacht's front air intakes and "snorkel" system integrated into the hardtop pays homage to the iconic roof scoops seen on high-performance luxury cars.

Extreme customisation and performance

Dedicated to perfection, Otam Yachts restricts its production to a maximum of three boats annually, ensuring meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of construction. As with all Otam yachts, the Otam 90 GTS, has benefitted from extreme customisation to reflect the unique preferences of her owner. Belardinelli explains how the client's passion for music was integrated into the design process. “We couldn't start building the hardtop before knowing the specific positioning of every single speaker and sub-woofer,” he says, underscoring the diligent approach taken to ensure top-notch sound quality.

Credit: Otam Yachts

Navigating the fine line between customisation and performance, Belardinelli emphasises the unique challenges inherent in crafting a high-speed vessel tailored to individual specifications. “Don’t forget, we are still talking about a very high-speed boat,” Belardinelli adds. “Customisation is always a challenge, but it is especially difficult on a high-speed boat where if you just move a fridge, it makes a huge difference to the weight distributions.”

With impressive top speeds exceeding 40 knots, the Otam 90 GTS’ naval engineering is the brainchild of Otam's longstanding collaboration with Umberto Tagliavini and Aldo Scorzoni of Marine Design Studio. Central to its performance is the deep-V hull, boasting a deadrise angle surpassing 21 degrees, ensuring efficiency, safety and comfort, even in the most challenging sea conditions. Engine placement and precise weight distribution further contribute to not only its impressive speed but also the utmost comfort on board.

A yacht for all ages

Creating a yacht that caters to the diverse needs of an entire family necessitates a meticulous approach to safety and comfort. "Together with Giuseppe Bagnardi, we put a lot of effort into maximising the exterior living spaces," notes Belardinelli. Central to this ethos is the expansive cockpit, boasting a generous layout spanning over 15 metres in length and a beam of six metres. Complete with ample shade and a vast opening sliding rooftop, the cockpit serves as a versatile hub for relaxation and entertainment. Moving forward to the bow, the Otam 90 GTS continues to impress with its abundant space.

Credit: Otam Yachts

However, beyond the aesthetics, safety remains paramount, particularly for a yacht designed to accommodate guests of all ages. Belardinelli emphasises the spacious sidewalks to ensure safe passage for all, even in challenging sea conditions. "Every kind of guest," from children to elderly relatives, can traverse from bow to stern with confidence, thanks to these carefully planned pathways.

This attention to safety extends to the custom gangway. “We agreed to make a full-custom design for a rotating gangway. Built in a mixture of Kevlar, carbon fibre and fibreglass, far away from a standard GRP unit, the gangway ensures guests feel comfortable and safe.” Belardinelli notes. “This flexibility can be only compared with larger sized vessels.”

The Otam 90 GTS is set to make its international debut at Cannes Yachting Festival 2024, a year that has special significance as the shipyard celebrates its 70th anniversary. For more information about the Otam 90 GTS or to discover the yard’s unique superyacht build offerings, contact the team at Otam Yachts today.