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Credit: Otam Yachts

Designer insight: Giuseppe Bagnardi on how he achieved the new highly customised Otam 90 GTS

20 June 2024 • Written by Hannah Rankine for Otam Yachts

With the recent launch of the Otam 90 GTS, all eyes are eagerly awaiting her world debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2024. Otam Yachts, renowned for its commitment to complete customisation, offers clients the freedom to tailor every detail right down to the technical specifications.

"Over 20 years ago, we created the Otam Co-Design Lab, where clients can express themselves with their favourite designer and develop the project," explains Matteo Belardinelli, Otam’s sales and communication director. "We frequently deal with the unexpected and thrive outside our comfort zone - we pride ourselves on being 'not an ordinary shipyard'."

Designed by Giuseppe Bagnardi of the Italy-based BG Design Firm, the Otam 90 GTS exemplifies this philosophy. Belardinelli holds the studio in high regard, noting, "Bagnardi and his team possess a rare and valuable talent for listening, interpreting and translating visions while consistently respecting all aspects of balance." BOAT speaks to Bagnardi to learn more about how he achieved the highly customised design of the Otam 90 GTS.

Credit: Otam Yachts

What inspired the design of the Otam 90 GTS?

I was inspired by Otam’s fastest boats of the past, characterised by simple, elongated and balanced lines that direct the volume towards the bow. The interior cabin is built inside the gunwales and the hardtop extends towards the stern. This creates a sporty yet elegant design.

The result is a high-performance boat with a very low centre of gravity. While she is fast, she is very comfortable at the same time, with large interior volumes and incredible exterior spaces that are easily accessible and enjoyable for all guests.

Credit: Otam Yachts

What is an example of how you incorporated the owner's wishes into the design?

I have designed a vessel that is eye-catching while not being vulgar or eccentric. I think while some owners want something exclusive, it doesn't have to be achieved by an overly ostentatious design. In Italian, they say that “l’eleganza la fa il portamento” – “elegance comes from poise”.

Credit: Otam Yachts

What kind of colour scheme did you choose and why?

For the exterior, we listened to the client's requests and, together with the shipyard, proposed a metallic grey with contrasting metallic/glossy black for the functional elements, such as the air inlet covers and moorings. A distinctive feature is the grille at the tip of the bow, made entirely of titanium like the handrails and all the deck fittings. This colour combination gives the boat an elegant look while also conveying a sense of sportiness and attention to detail.

For the interior, we used soft, fresh colours and we preferred light-coloured woods and materials. Functional details in black, similar to those on the exterior, are also present here, but in this case, they are matte. Thanks to its colour palette and linear design, the interior immediately gives a feeling of relaxation. It's an informal space where you can comfortably spend long periods of time.

Credit: Otam Yachts

What is your favourite area on board and why?

As soon as you step on board, your gaze can't help but fall on the huge, open dining area, with large sofas ready to welcome you. The saloon features large, structural windows that flow into the cockpit, creating an open environment that keeps you fully connected with the surroundings.

The forward area of the saloon is also very well designed, maximising space without compromising aesthetics or functionality.

Credit: Otam Yachts

How does the design distinguish the yacht from others of this size?

Nowadays, I often see yachts overloaded with stylistic features, striving for novelty in every aspect of design. However, in the world of design, “less is more” is often more successful and this philosophy guided my approach with the new Otam 90 GTS. The design of the boat is balanced with few lines, a single well-defined style and an interplay of volumes and proportions.

The titanium tip of the bow is also a defining feature, positioned between two headlights to resemble the front of a car yet also serving a functional purpose as a fairlead in the manoeuvring area.

Credit: Otam Yachts

What was the greatest challenge you faced during the design process and how did you overcome this?

First and foremost, the challenge for a designer is to listen, interpret and reflect the shipyard's DNA in a design that maintains a clear and consistent identity. Otam is an icon, a recognisable brand renowned for setting the standard in yacht design with products that have stood out for years.

The greatest challenge was to create a design that is timeless - something that transcends the years and rightfully deserves the definition “iconic”. To overcome this, I carefully analysed the essential lines necessary to define the boat. Equally crucial was evaluating the balance of volumes, considering both the bow and the stern.

Credit: Otam Yachts

What do you like most about working with Otam Yachts?

The prestige of working with Otam is their reputation and experience - an iconic brand synonymous with "doing it right” and the true craftsmanship of "Made in Italy". It's like working for a prestigious haute couture brand. Every client wants to “wear” his yacht in a way. This is where passion comes into play, the challenge of designing a boat that can meet the client’s needs and the shipyard’s stylistic and engineering background.

This is made possible by the shipyard's 70 years of specialised expertise and its commitment to creating vessels where the client - and consequently the designer - is truly free to create. This uniqueness defines Otam as a shipyard and makes my experience with them both wonderful and challenging.

Having the flexibility and courage to customise very fast boats is very special and a source of immense pride considering Otam’s clientele of ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWI) who seek unique vessels to complement their fleets of larger superyachts. I wholeheartedly agree with the brand's assertion that it is "not an ordinary shipyard".

Otam Yachts has just revealed that it will soon announce another project with Giuseppe Bagnardi and his team. For more information on the shipyard's intricate yacht building techniques, contact the team today.

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