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What are the core values of superyacht builder Sirena Yachts?

7 December 2022

Things are going good for Sirena Yachts,” confirms the yard’s CEO Çağın Genç. The Turkish builder has been in the industry for just a few years, and in that time, has achieved enough to be considered one of the top players in its field.

Launched in 2016, Sirena Yachts specialises in comfortable and efficient yachts from 17 metres upwards. The first products flew off the shelf and the firm’s order book has flourished ever since. The growth of Sirena Yachts can be attributed to not only the success of its products, but the strong core values of the company. Having been in the company from the very beginning, Genç shares more about how the company has developed with its core values intact.

Sirena Yachts' CEO Çağın Genç

Expand one step at a time

“We know that 50 per cent of our boats go to the US, and this market has already generated 75 units for us,” says Genç. The yard’s Yachts line includes the 58, 68, 78 and 88 and is completely sold out until 2024 with orders being secured well into 2025.

Due to this success, Sirena’s network of American dealers has great insight into the local client base and helps to generate ideas such as the island kitchen found on the Sirena 78. Although this particular feature is well-suited to the US clientele and their way of living, the platform can be tailored to suit any owner anywhere in the world.

“Ever since launching our first boat in 2017, we have become well-known and established in the US and, if you include the Turkish market, also Europe,” says Genç. The team at Sirena find it reassuring to have secured approval from these markets, and had no problem establishing a dealer in the Emirates. Soon after doing so, two units were sold in quick succession. “I feel we are going to be of great interest to the yachting community in the Emirates,” adds Genç.

Sirena 88

Next on the list is the Asian market. “We want to be global. But we will achieve this slowly, step by step,” says Genç. And the firm’s new superyacht line may help the business on its way across the globe. “This move was always in our strategic plan,” explains Genç. “Having built over 100 units and achieving the success we have, especially with the pocket superyacht Sirena 88, it was an easy decision to move on to the superyacht project.”

The range will include a 35 metre, 42 metre and a 50 metre model, and the design was inspired by the popularity of the Sirena 88 and its spacious and comfortable social spaces. Despite the busy order book, Sirena aims to have one of its new superyachts on show at the 2025 Monaco Yacht Show.

Sirena 78

Offer good delivery times

The yard has a workforce of over 1,000 that strive to maintain good delivery times. “The yard is fully-integrated with everything from stainless steel and furniture workshops, to teak and upholstery studios. This makes our lives easier, as if a customer asks for a modification, no matter how big or small, we can do it in-house, know that we can deliver on quality and on time, and don’t need to rely on a subcontractor.”

Sirena is prioritising its order book. “Until recently, Sirena was a supplier for Azimut,” explains Genç. “Now we have freed up this space for more of our own orders.” However, Sirena still needs more space, and the team are looking for a new facility to move into in March 2023. “If we find a new facility, we will be doubling our production,” he adds.

Sirena's 50m superyacht

Maintain an established design

So far, Sirena has established design partnerships with exterior designer Germán Frers and interior designer Cor D. Rover who create distinctive cruising yachts known for their performance and spacious wide-beam interiors. “We are not only known for our design, but for the seaworthiness and efficiency of our hulls,” explains Genç. “Our designers and engineers continue to redefine the capability, comfort, efficiency, and look and feel of our yachts.” And this philosophy has also been embedded into the yard’s larger superyacht models. “This is what our existing customers are expecting from us,” he adds.

To continue evolving, Sirena is looking to broaden its scope of designers. “If the client wishes, we are keen to invite different designers to our superyacht range,” says Genç. “This way, we can learn and try different things. For example, Van Oossanen Naval Architects have created a new hull design for the Sirena Superyachts, there is more of a hull vane below the propellors which will increase the performance of the boat.”

Skylounge on board the Sirena 88

Care about the customer

One way Sirena Yachts has ensured it can keep in touch with its customers is through its warranty programme. With a two-year duration, this type of long warranty is offered by very few yards. Sirena speaks to its customers regularly and has several repeat customers as a result. “There are a few owners of Sirena 88s who are looking at the superyacht range. And on the smaller side, one of the happy owners is upgrading from an original Sirena 64 that was purchased from us three years ago. The family are Turkish and enjoys cooking, so when they first saw the Sirena 78 and her huge galley, they fell in love,” explains Genç.

The galley on board the Sirena 68

Be at the forefront

The standard performance package offered by Sirena includes combustion engines. However, if a customer desires a more sustainable option, Sirena has the infrastructure to offer a hybrid system. “Sustainability is a trend we don’t want to ignore. And so we have created a hybrid solution for our superyacht range and can redesign the engine room to fit the system,” says Genç. “We are also experimenting with adding a fully-electric system into our smallest yacht.”

Over half of the Sirena workforce come from the automotive sector, and the holding company’s core business is one of the most efficient and productive manufacturers. As a result, the in-house team have worked on everything from military vehicles to transport parts.  “If you hold a handle on public transport in Turkey, it’s likely that we have made it,” Genç says. “We have so many talented people here, with a range of skills that only benefit Sirena Yachts, and make our innovations a reality.”