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The tri-deck Silent 80 yacht in open version

How to own a yacht and be kind to the environment

16 May 2022

Keeping the oceans clean is a shared ambition for us all, but Silent Yachts has made it easy for superyacht owners to be kinder to the environment...

Silent Yachts was founded to minimise the industry’s impact on the environment without sacrificing luxury. The Austrian eco-catamaran specialist is going further than most by creating top-of-the-range zero-emission superyachts.

Noiseless cruising and unlimited range with virtually no maintenance required are just some of the advantages of a boat built by Silent Yachts. Sustainability is more than just a buzzword for this company, so here are some of the things any Silent yacht owner can proudly shout about.

The Silent 62 closed version

Sun worship

With Silent Yachts there is no need to stop and refuel. The power for these superyachts is generated through large solar panels on the roof – and in the absence of an engine room, the interiors benefit from extra space.

Eco-friendly design

Made to be timeless, the yacht’s interior style is a fully customisable sophisticated Italian design, in which only eco-friendly materials are used. For example, bamboo is largely resistant to humidity and moisture, making it the ideal choice for decks and cabins. Cork is not only renewable but is also elastic, fireproof and waterproof. And flax and basalt are natural fibres that can deaden sounds and dampen vibrations in any interior space.

The Kite Sail System can harness the wind to augment the catamaran’s power

Add in the wind

If an owner would like more than the minimum 17kWh of power generated by the solar panels, there is always another green energy supply: the wind. Designed to perfectly complement the eco-friendly solar power system, the Silent Kite Sails can be added to a Silent superyacht to create 10 times more power compared with a regular sail. The kite sail flies at a greater height where winds are stronger and is angled so as not to overshadow the solar panels.

A long life

When it comes to environmental impact, the lifespan of any product plays a significant role – hence a Silent yacht is built to last. By giving owners the option to upgrade their hardware, they can take advantage of modern technology to further improve the yacht’s energy production and storage capabilities. To avoid any unnecessary waste, the core components – such as batteries and solar panels – can be easily exchanged and reused in other places.

As seen on the Silent 55's flybridge, electricity is generated via solar panels

Company consistency

The ethos of Silent Yachts runs through the entire company. Located near the Austrian Alps, the firm’s headquarters and production facilities are powered by solar panels and all company cars are electric. Silent Yachts is also an official partner and corporate supporter of the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association, and each Silent owner is given a package of Ecoworks Marine sustainable cleaning products to complement their yacht.

Move quietly

The noise from conventional boats disturbs the sound waves used by many marine animals to communicate, so peace is vital to healthy aquatic life. According to the Blue World Institute, ocean noise levels have increased tenfold since 1950. But the Silent Yachts electric drivetrain is free of vibration so, at anchor, these boats generate no noise pollution at all.

The customisable interiors are made from eco-friendly materials

Cruise forever

Each Silent yacht is fitted with two electric motors for economic cruising. This solar-electric drivetrain comes with a lifetime warranty, offering unprecedented levels of reliability and requires almost no maintenance. Silent Yachts also offers a more powerful combination of an electric motor, generator and battery bank for a higher cruising speed that can be sustained for longer periods.

The range

Silent Yachts offers seven electric yachts available in various sizes between 17.99 metres and 34.12 metres, with prices starting from €2.77 million. The designs include both open and closed versions with clean, straight lines and huge windows.

Complete the fleet

A range of Silent Tenders is set to be launched soon as the perfect eco-friendly addition to any Silent yacht. To find out more, click here.