12.5m Vikal e-Limousine Futurist Concept

  • 12.5 m
Top speed
35 kn
3.5 m

The 12.5 metre Vikal e-Limousine concept is a futurist’s take on an automotive-inspired, custom tender for an environmentally conscious modern world.

This high volume passenger limousine is a slick and technologically advanced vessel with lines that pay tribute to the lauded Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic. Its iconic riveted roof spine is reimagined in carbon, while a sweeping window and curved teak deck recall memories of the 1930s and Art Deco movement.

The SS bow grille and transom air vents also take their cues from the automotive world, paired with dramatic curves along the hull that allude to more modern creations such as the Veyron and Chiron.

Yet, unlike its diesel-consuming counterparts, the propulsion system is an electric hybrid sterndrive that delivers superb range and power in an eco-friendly package. With 600hp on tap and instant torque, the electric propulsion package offers blistering speed in a whisper-quiet fashion, taking the limousine experience for the owner and guests to a new level.

With the vision of an electric future, Vikal not only sees this as a concept, but as a viable electric tender that is able to be delivered in the very near future. 



  • Name12.5m Vikal e-Limousine Futurist Concept


  • Length overall12.5 m
  • Beam3.5 m
  • Displacement tonnage8 t

Performance & Capacities

  • Max speed35 kn


  • Model600hp Electric Hybrid


  • Guests12

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