Arksen £10,995,000
Not for sale to US residents while in US waters
26.2 m
14 kn
6.8 m

Embark on thrilling expeditions aboard the Arksen 85 PROJECT OCEAN, meticulously designed in collaboration between Arksen and Humphreys Yacht Design and expertly crafted by Arksen in the UK. Interior design and sustainable material selection by multi-award-winning, Design Unlimited. She can comfortably accommodate six guests and two crew.

PROJECT OCEAN embodies Arksen’s focus on safety, robustness and a seamless journey blending comfort, security and efficiency. Built to meet commercial regulation (MCA) standards, this vessel offers unrivaled accessibility, empowering you to explore remote destinations with confidence and peace of mind. Designed to handle any obstacle, PROJECT OCEAN lets you embark on remarkable adventures with unwavering assurance.

This vessel is a testament to innovative engineering, seamlessly combining remarkable efficiency with unmatched comfort. Its advanced hybrid propulsion system, state-of-the-art stabilization technology and exemplary systems engineering optimize efficiency while reducing emissions, noise and vibrations. Supported by active fin and gyro stabilizers, PROJECT OCEAN ensures supreme comfort and stability throughout your voyage.

Designed for simplicity of operation and minimal maintenance, PROJECT OCEAN allows you to fully immerse yourself in the excitement of exploration. The hybrid propulsion system offers multiple redundancy and in-service maintenance, ensuring your focus remains on your adventures and reducing the need for downtime. Her aluminum construction provides exceptional strength, corrosion resistance and insulation, minimizing the level of maintenance required.

The choice of an aluminum superstructure was an important one, as it reduces her environmental impact. The aluminum is made from 40% recycled content and is fully recyclable at the end of life, reflecting a strong commitment to sustainability.

PROJECT OCEAN has been designed and engineered for progressive, "preservation" cruising — a first in yachting. This means she has a truly transoceanic 7,000nm range (comparable to motor yachts three times her size). She has the ability to switch to zero emissions mode and silent running at your destination, thanks to the solar array and hybrid propulsion. The virtual anchor also enables the vessel to visit protected marine environments and leave no trace.

Arksen and Humphreys Yacht Design have achieved this by developing a very efficient low displacement/length ratio hull form and incorporating features such as twisted flow rudders to minimize resistance. This will naturally benefit the owners' running costs and reduce emissions. Her hull design is complemented by the Praxis hybrid propulsion system. PROJECT OCEAN achieves near-silent running at all times as the electric motors and generators are mounted and insulated to limit noise and vibrations.

Embark on your adventures knowing you're treading lightly on the environment, enabling future generations to enjoy our planet's wonders.

Complementing her exceptional capabilities, PROJECT OCEAN features a custom-fitted Tesumo timber deck with a 3D milled cork panel underlay that follows the contour of the deck structure on the underside and provides a perfectly flat surface on the top. In addition to reducing the adhesive required during installation, the cork layer provides additional acoustic and thermal insulation.

The large aft deck was designed to be a flexible space for storage for up to a 5.5m tender, with a high-capacity crane or to allow for vital ocean research. Owners who take the Arksen Sea Time Pledge gain access to a global network of scientists looking to conduct research in some of the most beautiful and fragile locations. You have the opportunity to gain an ultimately unique experience for you and your guests while also providing vital ocean access for marine scientists and researchers. This remarkable attribute sets this Arksen 85 apart from similar vessels of the same size, enhancing your adventures and embracing the spirit of exploration.

Embark on an extraordinary journey aboard PROJECT OCEAN, where reliability, robustness and breath-taking discovery converge. This true exploration yacht ensures your safety, unrivaled comfort and effortless operation. With minimal maintenance and profound respect for the environment, she paves the way for remarkable expeditions that redefine your perspective.



  • Yacht Type:Motor Yacht
  • Series, Model, Class:85
  • Builder:Arksen


  • Length Overall:26.2 metres
  • Beam:6.8 metres


  • Builder:Arksen
  • Year of Build:2023
  • Hull Number:85/01
  • Hull Type:Semi Displacement
  • Number of Decks:3

Performance & Capacities

  • Max Speed:14 kn
  • Cruising Speed:11 kn
  • Range:6000 nm
  • @ 7 kn


  • Hull:Aluminium
  • Superstructure:Aluminium
  • Deck:Aluminium,Teak


  • Guests:10
  • Passenger Rooms:4
  • Master Rooms:1
  • Twin Rooms:2
  • VIP Rooms:1

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