5 factors that make Olesinski award winning yacht designers

Olesinski is moving yacht design into the future

“The superyacht market continues to rapidly evolve,” Justin notes. “Previous options were limited to either refreshing the interior and limited exterior modifications, or waiting for the completion of a new build, taking between three to four years. As we have proved with Falcon Lair we can turn around 70m project within 10 months from consultation to launch at a fraction of the time and cost of a new build.”

What’s next for the firm as they enter their fifth decade of service? With growing interest in Olesinski as a holistic superyacht designer as well as continuing our strong relationship with Princess Yachts we have needed to expand. By the end of 2016 we will have doubled our capacity to 38 to cope with the projects currently on the table. The future is clearly bright and exciting for us.

Find out more about Olesinski in the video below:

Clients can view design changes in real time

Olesinski puts the client at the heart of everything they do. During the creative process, Olesinski takes every client on a design journey that captures the future owner’s vision, Class requirements and designer style. A full range of design possibilities can be quickly visualised and actioned. An open-minded approach to other stakeholder ideas is vital.

Always pushing the envelope, it has created the Olesinski LiveUpdate System. This enables the designer to present a 3D concept to the client on a system that allows them to see 3D surface modifications change in front of their eyes. In addition, the process greatly speeds up the initial consultation process.

Bespoke software offers cutting edge performance

Having delivered over 100 new designs the team have developed a number of unique and proprietary systems and processes to keep them at the fore. This includes the Olesinski Hull and Hydro Software that optimises hull performance including speed, range and comfort. In combination with their in house CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software this ensures the client receives the most efficient hull possible.

Three core technical capabilities under one roof

Aside from a strong design heritage, perhaps what sets the firm apart, is offering three core technical capabilities under one roof: design, naval architecture and structural engineering. This helps to ensure a seamless flow of information at every step of the design process, resulting in a depth of rigour within the technical design outputs and inevitable time saving for the client.

“Early on, we brought together experts in every discipline here under one roof. It sounds so obvious but at the time it seemed a fairly radical step; the difference it has made to the streamlined service we offer and the vessels we’ve delivered has been immeasurable,” explains founder Bernard Olesinski.

A strong heritage of yacht design

A multi award-winning British design team, Olesinski has a strong heritage of yacht design that spans over 40 years. Established in 1972 by Bernard Olesinski, the company quickly made its mark with the development of the Deep Vee Hull in the leisure market.

Olesinski has since evolved into a multidisciplinary team who have received praised for their pioneering sprit and continue to strive for design and engineering excellence. Over the years Olesinski has earned many industry plaudits including a World Superyacht “Silver Neptune Award” for the Princess Yachts’ 40m Imperial Princess in the Three Deck Semi-Displacement or Planing Motor Yachts category.

It’s this proven experience in superyacht design that has led Olesinski to become the go-to designers for Princess Yachts, an enduring 40 year relationship.

“We’re incredibly proud of our team and honoured that so many customers have chosen our yachts. We have over 25,000 yachts in the market place at the last count and we aim to continue to create beautifully designed vessels that are both timeless and enduring,” said Justin Olesinski, Managing Director.