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5 must-visit attractions in Sardinia this summer
Rolls-Royce Summer Studio, Porto Cervo

Image courtesy of Rolls-Royce

This summer Rolls-Royce is returning to Sardinia’s most exclusive destination, Porto Cervo, for its fourth annual Summer Studio. Hosted by the marque’s Private Office, the Summer Studio offers those frequenting the island the chance to view the latest Rolls-Royce models in the marque's sophisticated summer lounge, enjoy an aperitif overlooking the beautiful marina and even take the newest Dawn or Wraith for a spin.

While there’s plenty to enjoy all summer, if you’re in the area from August 9 - 23 you’re in for an extra special treat as its latest creation, the new Rolls-Royce Phantom, will be on display at the Summer Studio. Debuted in London in late July, the eighth generation of this iconic motor car pushes the boundaries of bespoke luxury and is in a class of its own when it comes to luxury automobiles. Its presence in Porto Cervo will mark its first appearance outside of England and shouldn’t be missed.

For more information and to register your interest in a private appointment or test drive, visit www.rolls-roycemotorcars-portocervostudio.it or the Studio at your convenience.

Neptune’s Grotto, Alghero


Located on the north west coast of Sardinia near the town of Alghero, Neptune’s Grotto is a sea cave famous for its impressive stalactite formations and providing the set for 1978 sci-fi film Island of the Fishmen. The only entrance to the cave is found a metre above sea level at the base of the Capo Caccia cliffs with access available either by boat or a staircase cut into the hillside in 1954. Keen scuba divers should also make time to visit the underwater caves in the area, the biggest of which is the Nereo cave, which are only accessible from the sea.

Nora archaeological site, Pula


History buffs looking to add a little education to their Sardinian vacation should be sure to head to Nora, an archaeological site on the peninsula of Pula where the remains of ancient Roman and pre-Roman towns can be found. Said to be the first city founded in Sardinia, the earliest ruins date back to the late 9th century BCE when Nora was a flourishing city under Phoenician rule.

After invasion by the Romans, the town became a simple fort before eventually being abandoned. The area is now open to the public as an open air museum and the remains of the amphitheatre are occasionally used for concerts during the summer months.

S’Apposentu, Siddi

Image courtesy of S'Apposentu

No visit to Sardinia would be complete without sampling some of the region's finest foods. Famed for its honey, olive oil and myrtle liquor, local markets are a great place to find traditional ingredients but if you’re after something a little more refined then book a table at S’Apposentu. Originally opened by head chef Roberto Petza in the city of Calgiari, in 2010 Petza moved the restaurant to the tiny village of Siddi and in 2013 S’Apposentu was awarded a Michelin star. Located in an historic palace, vegetables are grown on site while meat and fish for Petza’s modern Italian cuisine is sourced from the Calgiari market.

Cittadella dei Musei, Cagliari

Shutterstock/Elisa Locci

In the mood for a little culture but can’t decide between a museum and an art gallery? The Cittadella dei Musei (Citadel of Museums) in the southern city of Cagliari is home to the National Archaeological Museum, the National Picture Gallery, the Anatomical Waxwork Collection and the Siamese Art Museum. Housed in the former Royal Arsenal in the city’s Castello district, whether you fancy fine art, Nuragic bronzes or detailed animal sculptures from the 19th century, there’s something to suit every taste.


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