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How Oceanco’s new Simply Custom range has captivated a new generation of owners

28 November 2023 • Written by Hannah Rankine for Oceanco

In today’s fast-paced society, the most valuable experiences are those that simplify life rather than add complexity, and this principle extends to the art of building and owning a custom yacht.

According to esteemed Dutch yacht builder Oceanco, a discerning clientele, comprised of younger or younger-minded individuals, seeks bespoke yachts that mirror their evolving priorities and perspectives in the fast-paced landscape of contemporary life.

With businesses to run and interests spread across the globe, these individuals, despite their time constraints, rightfully hold high expectations for both quality and service. Recognising this, Oceanco has purposefully strengthened its presence in the 80-metre market, unveiling a distinctive proposition tailored specifically for this sophisticated clientele.

Aeolus, first presented in Dubai, is one of the yachts that now forms part of the Simply Custom line

Pedigree custom goes streamlined

Simply Custom, Oceanco’s new range, offers the opportunity to acquire a yacht with the brand’s acclaimed pedigree while streamlining the process and focusing on what matters most to today’s owners. Available from approximately 80 metres in length and or 2,500-2,700GT, Oceanco has created a foundation that delivers the flexibility to include inspiring design features, alongside the exceptional technical standards and collaborative approach for which the builder is recognised.

“We created Simply Custom because we saw there was a growing demand to build custom yachts in a new way,” explains Paris Baloumis, Oceanco’s group marketing director. “Owners still want the very best quality in their yachts and to have something designed and built just for them. But they have less desire to focus on every detail in the process. They expect to entrust technical matters to experts like Oceanco and our partners. And, perhaps most importantly, they want building a yacht to be simple and fun. We must never lose sight of the fact that yachting should be fun!”

One foundation, 17 unique designs

To kick off the Simply Custom offering, Oceanco has collaborated with 17 top-tier studios to create what could be the largest portfolio of yacht designs ever produced for a single technical foundation. The collection showcases exteriors penned by long-established, award-winning designers alongside a new generation of creative talents. The intent is to provide inspiration for a full spectrum of tastes and lifestyles, with a solid appreciation for how today’s yacht owners want to spend their time on board.

Design studios contributing to the collection include Bozca Limitless Design, Espen Øino International, H2 Yacht Design, Harrison Eidsgaard, Hot Lab, Lobanov Design, Nuvolari Lenard, Oceanco, Pascoli International, Sinot, Sorgiovanni Design, Taylor Design, Team For Design – Enrico Gobbi, The A Group, the Touch Studio, Vallicelli Design and Winch Design.

To enhance the inspiration of owners on their Simply Custom journey, Oceanco has partnered with five interior design studios including Dasha Moranova Designs, Njord by Bergman Design House, Nuvolari Lenard, Studio Laura Sessa and Zuretti Design.

Typically configured with an owner’s stateroom and six guest suites, Simply Custom’s flexible layout allows for additional suites, multipurpose lounges, an inside or outside cinema, a wellness area and a gym.

An intuitive approach

Oceanco’s technical experts worked alongside Lateral Naval Architects to develop a technical package for Simply Custom that allows for a simple, intuitive customisation approach, offering solutions tailored to lifestyle needs as well. These include watersports and diving packages, an entertainment package and enhanced sustainability via a smart-eco package.

“Our Simply Custom collaboration focused on creating a foundation that reflects the current operational and lifestyle demands of yachts in this size bracket,” says James Roy, managing director of Lateral Naval Architects. “The process of customising every little detail on a yacht can be hugely rewarding for those with a passion for it, but some owners look to us as experienced practitioners in this field to help streamline the process. As a smart person once put it, everything should be as simple as possible, but not simpler. The Simply Custom yachts themselves are still complex, beautiful machines, but we wanted to make the experience of building them as enjoyable as possible for the client.”

Delivering on every level

The technical foundation has been optimised to undertake even the most demanding of programmes, ensuring a Simply Custom yacht delivers on every level. A state-of-the-art, all-electrical propulsion and energy architecture system incorporates a DC grid and onboard battery energy storage, while the next-generation hull design is optimised to be highly efficient.

Variable-speed generators offer high fuel efficiency, with the capability to run on low-carbon biodiesel fuels such as HVO, and podded drives provide optimised propulsive efficiency coupled with exceptional manoeuvring, dynamic positioning and virtual anchoring. The Simply Custom technical foundation delivers a top speed of 16.5 knots and a cruising speed of 14-15 knots while providing a range of 5,000 nautical miles at 12-14 knots. And of course, onboard comfort is guaranteed, thanks to Oceanco’s noise, vibration and seakeeping standards.

A new appetite

“Custom building is a core part of our DNA; we will always create yachts that are uniquely tailored to each owner,” adds Marcel Onkenhout, CEO of Oceanco. “We see Simply Custom as a logical development for Oceanco, sitting alongside our fully custom yachts and Life Cycle Support refit service, which will always be a part of our offering. The feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive, and we have experienced a definite appetite for this new approach to buying an Oceanco in an approachable, fun and streamlined way.”

To find out more information on the Simply Custom range, contact Oceanco today.

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