5 reasons to invest in support vessel 6711

Built by reputable Dutch yard Damen

Image courtesy of Guillaume Plisson/Imperial

Specialists in utility and defence crafts, Dutch shipyard Damen is arguably the leader in the market when it comes to building superyacht support vessels, and one of the most secret and impressive yachts in its support range has to be the 67 metre Fast Support Vessel 6711.

6711 has a comfortable cruising speed of 15 knots and a range of 8,720 nautical miles, meaning it will have no problem keeping up with the superyacht mothership. Damen is also responsible for her efficient and high-quality interiors, which offer outstanding comfort and entertainment features.

Delivered and managed by Imperial Yachts, as well as acting as owner's representative and build supervisor throughout 6711's construction, the team at Imperial are delighted to continue managing the vessel and are the exclusive agency for its exclusively.

Fully equipped for adventure

Image courtesy of Francisco Martinez-Rif Spanhi/Imperial

The Fast Support Vessel 6711 can carry a huge variety of watersports equipment and on-shore vehicles, as well as a helicopter or even a submarine if desired. The high-powered crane on board enables the experienced crew to lower tenders and toys to the water quickly and securely, meaning your adventure at sea has absolutely no compromise on convenience or safety.

One of the stand-out features of this support vessel is its built-in dive centre, which features a decompression chamber, enough scuba gear for a dozen divers, and even a luxurious post-dive entertainment area where guests can re-live their experience through HD video footage.

6711's crew are not only trained in planning and guiding scuba diving excursions but are also qualified to deal with any potential issues that might crop up during or after the dive, which will hopefully put any nervous group members' minds at ease. In addition to this, Imperial closely supervises the military-style training of the crew to ensure they are able to deal with any need or situation, anywhere in the world.

Spacious crew quarters

Image courtesy of Francisco Martinez-Rif Spanhi/Imperial

Whilst the crew quarters may not always be at the top of the agenda when it comes to designing a superyacht, they do say that a happy crew equals happy guests. This is why Damen instructed the reputable Mark Berryman to fit out the crew quarters of 6711 in a way that allows the crew to feel at home and relaxed, as well as be able to fulfil their duties to the best of their ability.

The state-of-the-art galley has everything that a professional chef could desire, meaning those post-dive treats for guests and the all-important sustenance for crew are prepared to luxurious superyacht standards. The crew needn't worry about any overindulgence, as the ship's fitness and training room has all of the isometric and aerobic machines required for a full workout programme.

The cabins, whether single, double or triple, are all spacious and can comfortably fit the 22 crew. They are all fitted with excellent quality and contemporary looking furnishings, in addition to en-suite bathrooms and the latest smart TVs, ensuring that the crews' batteries can be fully recharged during any downtime.

Packed with power and tech

Image courtesy of Francisco Martinez-Rif Spanhi/Imperial

The bridge on 6711 is a hub of high-tech activity and its responsive navigation equipment means that all systems can be monitored at all times with intricate detail. The bridge is also placed higher than usual on pleasure crafts meaning the views are incomparable – the captain is always aware of what's surrounding the vessel and if there are any potential hazards on the horizon.

Helicopter processes are dealt with using the highly precise Helicopter Monitoring System, as well as a VHF airband radio system, to assist aircraft operations, meaning there is very little room for error.

6711 benefits from four massive MTU engines, which exert the equivalent of 3,046hp each – including gearboxes, each individual piece of machinery weighs in at huge 12 metric tons. This overwhelming amount of power allows a considerable top speed of 21 knots.

With the most advanced communications systems and an immaculate engine room, you can rest assured that 6711 is your constant link to both the mothership and the shore at all times.

Military looking, military managed

Image courtesy of Guillaume Plisson/Imperial

Exuding strength and dominance, 6711 has a wide range of speeds, as well as incredible manoeuvrability, which enables her to perform with exceptional efficiency.

The captain and crew have been trained to military standards and are therefore in command in all situations making 6711 truly indomitable as she towers above the waves.

Fortunately, form follows function, as her angular contours and imposing profile clearly resemble a vessel of military pedigree. Strictly built as a support vessel, 6711 looks purposeful and powerful from every angle.

If you would like to own the purest expression of a luxury working yacht, then get in touch with Imperial Yachts, where 6711 is exclusively listed for sale or see her in person at the Monaco Yacht Show 2017.

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