Top 4 reasons why the MJM 50z is fun to drive

Pod-drives deliver the luxury of effortless driving

And remove the anxiety from docking

With more than ten hulls launched so far, the 15.24 metre MJM 50z is a popular and highly refined choice among down-east style powerboats, delivering both advanced performance and precise manoeuvrability. Built using a high-tech, wet pre-preg, post cure process, her Kevlar and Epoxy composite construction makes her stronger, and weight savings provide a low centre of gravity for superior stability. She comes with a choice of either a twin or triple Volvo Penta IPS 600 pod-drive engine set-up.

Whichever version you opt for, you can be sure of exceptional control, with the digital fly-by-wire joystick controls making light work of safely navigating a busy marina. Adding to the ease of operation is the Volvo Penta Dynamic Positioning System, making tying up at a dock or mooring single-handed a breeze.

Out on the open sea, the MJM 50z comes into her own, with the largest engine option propelling the deep V hull up to an exhilarating top speed of 40 knots. The autopilot mode brings peace of mind to long passages, and when you decide to change your course, the fly-by-wire steering means that you can make precise adjustments. With such a smooth, effortless ride, it’s easy to see why the MJM 50z has been called the Audi S Class of the seas.

Seakeeper stabilisation brings no-roll comfort

The 50z is the first yacht to fit this as standard

All powerboats experience some kind of rolling motion at sea, but on board the MJM 50z you will find that this is significantly reduced. The key reasons for this are her advanced hull design and the use of a Seakeeper gyroscopic stabiliser to virtually eliminate any roll. MJM Yachts was the first builder in the world to offer this system standard on a motor yacht.

More than 1,500 of these units have been installed so far all across the globe, with hundreds of owners of much larger yachts finding themselves drawn to the relaxing experience of no-roll cruising. The Seakeeper system resists rolling motions, rather than responding to them and the result is that both skipper and guests feel far more comfortable, even in unpredictable sea states.

This innovative technology makes for an incredibly smooth ride when coupled with the MJM 50z’s tried and tested epoxy composite hull – designed around a much lower centre of gravity than normal — and with 360-degree visibility from the helm and cockpit whether you are sitting or standing, you really are going to notice that the horizon has stopped bobbing up and down.

Class leading fuel efficiency means you can cruise further

Drive to Bermuda and back without filling up

The MJM 50z is a remarkably efficient motor yacht at a wide range of speeds, with her slow cruising speed of 8 knots resulting in class-leading fuel consumption of just 2.4 gallons per hour. And when the revs start to climb, the fuel burn stays impressively low, with a 35 knot fast cruising speed consuming 50 gallons per hour – better than some rival powerboats can achieve at just 30 knots.

This 50% reduction in fuel efficiency is down to the way the 50z is built, as the high-tech materials and clever hull design result in a significant reduction in vibration, which in turn reduces cruising fatigue. With the autopilot system on hand you’ll find yourself cruising further than ever before, and feeling fresher when you arrive.

MJM Yachts fits the 50z with 260 gallon fuel tanks on each side as standard, creating both symmetrical weight distribution and sufficient tankage to get you from New England to Bermuda and back on one tank. The maximum cruising range of more than 1,300 nautical miles at seven knots puts the 50z head and shoulders ahead of the competition.

Rugged build quality means years of safe cruising

Capable of taking on a Force 9 gale

Not only is the MJM 50z efficient and fun to drive, she is also exceptionally safe. Built to ISO Category A – the highest rating issued by IMCI for stability, safety and seaworthiness – the 50z is approved for sea states of up to a Force 9 on the Beaufort scale.

The composite Kevlar, Eglass and Corecell hull is put through a wet pre-preg vacuum bag post-cure construction process. The result is strong yet lightweight unitised vessel, comparable to a Boeing Dreamliner jet, so you know she can take most anything Mother Nature can throw at her.

Such commitment to superior build quality is carried through into the interiors. The devil truly is in the detail, with dovetail joinery in the soft-close drawers, solid Cherry cabinets and ultra-leather upholstery. Indeed every inch of the 50z has been thought out to deliver everything you need for a day on the water or extended cruising holidays.

All of this should come as no surprise, given the impressive pedigree and experience of the team who helped to launch the 50z. Designed by the legendary Doug Zurn of Zurn Yacht Design and developed in collaboration with America’s Cup veteran Mark Lindsay of Boston Boat Works, the MJM 50z proves that, dollar for dollar, high quality construction really does pay off.

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