Charter a superyacht in Alaska

21 January 2015

With the traditional cruising grounds of the Mediterranean and Caribbean becoming increasingly crowded, many charter yachts are venturing further afield in search of tranquillity and/or new experiences.

Alaska, with its stunning natural beauty and relative proximity to “civilisation”, is rapidly becoming one of the new ‚’must-visit’ destinations on the charter trail.

Most people would be forgiven for imagining Alaska to conform to one of two stereotypes gleaned from our televisions: the howling winds and brutal seas seen on Deadliest Catch, or the bears and caribou seen on wildlife documentary programmes.

There is, of course, a lot more to Alaska than that. The wildlife that can be seen both on land and at sea is extraordinary, and depending on the time of year you can see brown bears fishing for salmon, killer wales hunting in Prince William Sound, vast chunks of ice breaking away from glaciers into the sea, astonishing mountains and scenery; sometimes it’s like being in an episode of Frozen Planet.

7 days around Southeast Alaska

A Brown bear catching a salmon | ©

It should be said, however, that if you are looking for a taste of the high life then Alaska is not for you. Charter holidays here are for those intrepid souls who are more interested in the natural world than who is wearing which designer label this week.

The weather can be unpredictable, there are no guarantees that you will see the things you hope to see, and the chances of working up a suntan (without being eaten alive by mosquitoes) are limited. Nevertheless, catching the sight of a humpback whale or a pod of orca, and witnessing the incredible power of nature, makes a charter in Alaskan waters a rare privilege.

Seals on icebergs in Tracy Arm | © Matt Hage


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