8 days discovering the Alaskan archipelago on a luxury yacht

Ketchikan to Boca de Quadra

_For ambitious explorers crossing the icy cold northern passages, Southeastern Alaska offers an unparalleled experience. The desolate waters and profuse wildlife make this destination ideal for an outdoors adventure off the beaten track.

Brace the brisk winds for an intoxicating hike followed by a picnic, or enjoy the cosy comfort of your saloon while your chef serves up freshly caught Alaskan crab. Here, activities such as salmon fishing, whale watching and kayaking offer the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in nature_


Day 1 – Ketchikan to Boca de Quadra

Fly into Ketchikan to meet your yacht. Depart this little port town, heading into the wilderness. Depending on the time of year, you might spot orca whales. You’ll cruise into Boca de Quadra, Mink Arm – a serene spot surrounded by lush greenery – where you’ll anchor for the night. Dine under the stars.

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Hugh Smith Lake

Breakfast is served, set against the backdrop of this stunning scenery. Afterwards, hike to Hugh Smith Lake for more breathtaking views. The rest of the day can be spent with onshore exploration and a picnic lunch. Dinner will be served on board, perhaps enjoying fresh fish and crab caught that day.

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Ella Bay

Arrive at Ella Bay and after breakfast it’s time to head ashore for a meander on the Ella Lake trail. Animal encounters are the norm, from wild mink to bears. Anglers will enjoy casting a line in the river for trout. Land a few and it’s fresh trout for dinner tonight. Then retire to the saloon for drinks and a movie night.

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Punchbowl Cove to Manzanita Bay

One of the most magnificent stop-overs on an itinerary filled with mind-blowing locales is Punchbowl Cove, where vertical rock walls surround the impressive fjords. Cruising through this cove has been compared with sailing through Yosemite National Park. After exploring the fjords, sail into Manzanita Bay to drop the hook. It’s a night completely tucked away from civilisation – enjoy the peace and quiet.

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Manzanita Bay

Start the morning with a challenging hike, which rewards your efforts with beautiful waterfalls. For those who prefer to cast a line, the fishing here is excellent. If the weather is warm enough, have the crew unfurl the inflatable slide and plunge into the water. Stick around this relaxing spot for another night.

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Walker Cove

This morning, it’s just a short jaunt to the postcard-perfect Walker Cove, surrounded by dramatic 4,000-foot peaks. Birdwatchers can try to catch a sight of trumpeter swans, bald eagles and herons. It’s a lovely place to pootle around on the kayaks – or have the crew take you for a tender ride to get a closer view of the waterfalls plunging into the sea. There’s also a chance to view bears and harbour seals. Make this your base for the night, with the chef preparing another gourmet meal.

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Bell Island

This morning, take off for an aerial view with a helicopter tour, looking down on the beautiful waters you’ve cruised upon. After an active week, nothing beats a soak in the naturally warm waters of Bells Island Hot Springs. Natives have long used these waters for medicinal purposes. Unwind in the springs, then enjoy cocktails and a great meal on board.

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On your last day, make your way back to Ketchikan. Bid farewell to your crew before returning to the buzz of the real world.

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