7 days unwinding in the Mergui Archipelago

Kawthaung to Thay Yae Kyun

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Captain Sunti Sonngay, of 41 metre Rodriquez Ocean Emerald, available for charter with Camper & Nicholsons, reveals his favourite island-hopping route through this remote region of Myanmar, closed to foreign visitors until 1996...

Day 1

Embark in the small border town of Kawthaung (formerly Victoria Point) between Myanmar and Thailand. Wander around the food market and sample local delicacies such as fried chicken and freshly pressed sugar palm juice.

Once the paperwork is done, Ocean Emerald will cruise 15nm to Thay Yae Kyun (Barwell Island), where you can swim and kayak by the sand spit.

Potter Island

Spend the day at a gorgeous anchorage between Buda, Caws and Potter Islands. Relax on one of the many secluded white-sand beaches or snorkel the surrounding coral reefs.

In the early evening tender to the enormous fig trees on Potter Island for the chance to spot the noisy hornbills that congregate there.

Kyun Philar

In the morning Ocean Emerald will relocate to Kyun Philar (Great Swinton), which is home to beautiful beaches and thriving jungle that’s perfect for spotting local birdlife.

In the afternoon head to the small waterfall near the east point and explore the mangrove estuaries by kayak.

Kyun Tann Shey to Ko Phawt

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Cruise 25nm to the mountainous Kyun Tann Shey (Lampi Island). The largest island in the national park group, it is uninhabited apart from a few small fishing villages. Explore the mangrove river on the south-west coast by kayak during high tide.

Afterwards, head to Ko Phawt island and try to spot sea eagles, fruit bats and macaques foraging for food on the beach

Kyunn Mee Gyi

Awake in Kyunn Mee Gyi (Clara Island), which has a shell beach and numerous coves and inlets with exceptionally clear waters.

After lunch on board head to Waterfall Bay on the north-west side of the island. It has a spectacular waterfall with cool, clear water to swim in.

Jar Lann Kyun

Head to the north-western bay of Jar Lann Kyun (Loughborough Island), which has a small village of indigenous Moken and fishermen, and a local school where visitors are welcome.

Spend the afternoon diving the large rock structures and long swim- through passages, which are packed with marine life. Ocean Emerald will then cruise to Yinn Khwa (Macleod Island) to anchor overnight.

Yinn Khwa

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Trek through the jungle on Yinn Khwa to reach the island’s highest peak before heading for refreshing cocktails and bed at the Myanmar Andaman Resort.

The next morning, disembark in Kawthaung and head inland to the ancient temple city of Bagan or fly out of the small airport.

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