7 incredible ice destinations to visit on a superyacht

incredible ice destinations to visit on a superyacht

For your first ice experience

While the Mediterranean and the Caribbean have their classic charms, an increasing number of adventurous superyacht owners and charterers are looking for an alternative experience and venturing into colder climates to experience the beauty of ice. From the Antarctic Peninsula to the historically treacherous Northwest Passage, there are a variety of destinations depending on how adventurous you want to be.

To help you decide, Tim Soper from EYOS Expeditions has chosen seven of his favourite ice destinations to visit with a superyacht.

1. Antarctica, Antarctic Peninsula — for your first ice experience

The entire continent of Antarctica is covered in ice, making it an obvious destination for any ice adventure. The Antarctic Peninsula is the northernmost part of the mainland and is only a short flight or a couple of days cruising from Cape Horn.

“Awe inspiring icescapes await; you will see everything from giant tabular icebergs that can be tens of miles long, to pinnacle bergs, eroded “castle” bergs or the smaller ‘Bergy Bits’ and ‘Growlers’,” says Tim. “Of course, you will also have the chance to spot seals, whales and visit penguin colonies against the backdrop of the glaciers that produce all this ice.”

incredible ice destinations to visit on a superyacht

If you are prepared for a long voyage south then the Ross Sea is the most challenging and most spectacular destination in Antarctica.

“There are only a handful of yachts that can make it all the way to the Ross Sea but it is one of the ultimate cruising destinations for those up to the voyage,” says Tim.

Here in the Antarctic’s deep south it is possible to see giant Tabular icebergs, which are broken off pieces of ice that can be more than 100 miles long.

A trip to the Ross Sea will also enable you to visit the huts built by Scott and Shackleton on their quests to reach the South Pole.

Last year explorer yacht Arctic P completed the furthest voyage south ever undertaken, with the the help of EYOS expeditions. The journey set a new world record at 78° 43.034’ S just 677 nautical miles from the South Pole.

incredible ice destinations to visit on a superyacht

For the Northern Lights and more

Lying only 600 miles from the North Pole, Svalbard is arguably one of best places to experience Arctic pack ice.

“Svalbard is the most accessible place to see the real High Arctic,” says Tim. “You have great chances to see polar bears and walruses and you can watch the Northern Lights in the winter time.”

A short journey from Europe gets you into pack ice and it is possible to combine a trip to Svalbard with a few days exploring the Norwegian coast or Greenland.

incredible ice destinations to visit on a superyacht

For beautiful landscapes

Greenland is the largest ice cap outside of the Antarctic and offers stunning fjords, glaciers and the largest icebergs in the northern hemisphere.

“Greenland is very accessible by yacht," says Tim. “The southern waters are virtually ice-free in summer and you can explore this amazing fjord- coast to discover the beautiful landscapes.

“The Ilulissat Icefjord is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the most active glaciers in the world. It spits out massive amounts of ice, from full sized icebergs all the way down to the size that is suitable for polar cocktails.”

It is possible to start a charter of the Northwest Passage in Greenland as a way of combining the two together.

incredible ice destinations to visit on a superyacht

For a historic voyage

The Northwest Passage is one of the best-known waterways in the world and famously a treacherous route. Fewer than 300 vessels have completed the passage, many of them with an EYOS Expeditions team onboard to show off the cultural and wildlife highlights of this iconic route.

“The Canadian arctic has some challenging conditions with heavy sea ice remaining in the channels between the islands even into late summer, which has historically made the Northwest Passage very difficult to navigate,” says Tim.

Last year HMS Erebus, which vanished under Sir John Franklin in 1845, was discovered by a team in the Northwest Passage.

incredible ice destinations to visit on a superyacht

For a selection of scenic spots

Alaska is becoming an increasingly popular superyacht destination due to its stunning natural beauty,

“There is a terrific selection of places to visit for ice,” says Tim. “Alaska is becoming an increasingly popular superyacht destination due its stunning natural beauty. Glaciers cascade down to the sea, temperate rainforests boast lush green hiking trails, fishing opportunities abound and humpback whales migrate to the area for their summer feeding grounds. Visit famed places such as Glacier Bay National Park, Tracy Arm - Fords Terror Wilderness or tuck away into one of the endless bays and inlets for a true wilderness experience.”

It is possible to fly by helicopter over vast ice-fields, take private float-plane fishing trips to remote inland freshwater lakes, and heli-skiing is also an option in the spring.

incredible ice destinations to visit on a superyacht

For the ultimate ice adventure

If you are truly an ice addict then an explorer yacht can only get you so far. For the ultimate ice adventure you may want to consider a private flight to the South Pole.

“If you choose to visit the South Pole then you truly are surrounded by ice, with nothing but ice for hundreds of miles around and over a mile of it beneath your feet!” says Tim. “Many of our yachting clients who have sailed Antarctic waters then ask us to take them to the very heart of the continent, which we do by ski-equipped aircraft.”

A visit to the South Pole will give you the chance to see Emperor Penguin colonies and take part in breath-taking activities such as kite surfing over ice or extreme rock climbing.

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