8 days on a luxury yacht from Athens to Corfu

Athens – Agkistri

Mr. Panos Pellas, captain of 53.54 metre O’Rama has been actively involved in the marine industry for over 23 years. He first began on board the merchant marine vessel Pacific Trader from there he moved into cruise ships with Celebrity Cruises before entering into the world of luxury yacht charters.

Throughout his career he has sailed extensively around Greece and its surrounding islands. Here he shares his experience of sailing from Athens down to Corfu via the Corinth Canal.

Day 1: Athens – Agkistri

Arrive into Athens for the start of your superyacht charter in Greece. Following a brief safety drill, you will set sail for one of the beautiful nearby islands.

Agkistri, located only a few hours from Athens is the ideal first stop to ease you into life at sea. Spend the afternoon diving into the lagoon-like waters, familiarise yourself with your yachts watertoys, or just ask for a tender ride onto the island where the beach is yours to relax. Agkistri (also known as Angistri or Agistri) is a pine-covered island forming one of the Saronic Islands. Maybe the most famous beach here is loacted in Skala, one of the best beaches in Greece, but there are many other options to choose from. Skala, being the largest town on the island offers plenty of choice in terms of bars, restaurants and cafes too.

After a leisurely lunch, the captain and crew will prepare for departure. Next stop Zakinthos via the famous Corinth Canal.

The Corinth Canal, often referred to as the “step-child“ of the Panama and Suez Canals, was completed in 1893 following several false starts. It was built to connect the Gulf of the Corinth with the Saronic Gulf. It stretches for 3.9 miles through a narrow gorgeway, at its widest point the canal is 21.4 metres wide. The transit requires a great deal of skill from the captain but for his guests, the sail-through is a remarkable experience.

The canal will take approximately 45-minutes to complete at which point she will sail overnight to reach the island of Zakinthos to arrive by day break.

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Arrive to Zakinthos

At first light arrive into the shipwreck beach of Navagio. This exposed cove is thought to be the resting place for the old smuggler ship Panagiotis. It is a fantastic place to arrive early before locals and other ships sail in. After a few hours, captian will sail for the quieter, private beach of Porto Roma, located to the south of Zakinthos. The final part of the day will be spent at the main port of Zakinthos for an overnight stop. A recommended spot is the Olympic Bar and Restaurant or to Cambi village where the Greek tavern Toy Pappa is located. This restaurant offers magnificent views across the Ionian Sea.

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Zakinthos – Gidaki – Ithaca

Today is dedicated to relaxation under the Greek sun. Enjoy empty anchorages around Gidaki beach, a relaxed lunch on board, or ask chef to make up a picnic to take to the beach.

As the sun begins to set, sail onto Ithaca. The captain will drop anchor about ten minutes (by tender) to the main town on the island, Vathy. This town was declared as a Traditional and Preserved Settlement by the Greek authorities back in 1978. Ithaca is a sleepy island with a laid-back vibe.

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Ithaca – Myrtos – Fiskardho

While you enjoy a leisurely breakfast, the captain and crew will set sail north for the island of Kefalonia. Arrive to the pictureseque Myrtos Bay. Being one of the most remote bays in the region, Myrtos is surrounded by high cliffs, lush green rolling hills and turquoise waters. Spend the day completely alone to sunbath, read or explore the area. As the evening rolls in, pick up the pace and sail over to the lively fishing village of Fiskardho. Give the chef the night off and head ashore to sample some of the world-class fresh fish.

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Fiskardho – Meganisi – Nidhri

Meganisi is a part of a group of islands located directly east south-east of Lefkada. Its scenic bays, picturesque villages and traditional architecture allows this island to be a popular stop. After a relaxing morning, push onto the busy town of Nidri. Belonging to the island of Lefkada, Nidri is dedicated to fun. Take the kids (and big kids) to the nearby waterpark.

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Nidhri – Paxoi

Another day spent in the pictureqsque bays of the islands. Paxoi has numerous anchorage spots and one of the most beautfiul ports in the Greek Islands. Gaios, the capital town of the island is the ideal spot to spend the night.

Paxoi – Paleokastritsa

Paleokastritsa is an interesting place to visit due to its stream currents that often baffle even the most experienced seaman. This can make the water temperatures feel a few degrees cooler. However, the sunset is renown throughout the islands.

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Paleokastritsa – Sivota – Corfu

As the final day arrives, take advantage of topping up the tan in the protected bay at Sivota. As the day comes to a close, sail the final leg to Corfu and to the famous Corfu Yacht Club. Here, you can decide to spend the last evening with the crew or head ashore for some fun on the very lively popular island.

Motor yacht O'Rama is for sale and is available for charter.

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