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24 hours in Milan

7 April 2022 • Written by Georgia Boscawen

Famed for its spectacular architecture, countless fashion houses and thriving culinary paradise this fast-paced metropolis holds all the elements of the perfect city break. With so much culture to absorb and places to visit, we have curated the best experiences and devised a plan to get the most out of Milan after the Superyacht Design Festival.



In Milan, there is food to discover around every corner, and few places on earth serve their food with such passion and flair. Fortunately, here in Milan, breakfast is no exception and aromas of outstanding espresso and freshly baked cornettoes will fill the air each morning, which few can resist.

For those taking advantage of BOAT International’s bespoke package with Hotel Principe di Savoia, it couldn’t be more convenient to enjoy one of Milan’s best breakfasts at the Hotel’s own Acanto Restaurant. Headed up by chef Alessandro Buffolino, you will find a selection of freshly baked breads, exotic smoothies and black truffle eggs benedict, to kick off your morning, served overlooking Acanto’s charming Italian garden with an 18th century fountain. Each Sunday, Acanto Restaurant hosts its Brunch domenicale con champagne e musica dal vivo (brunch with champagne and live music), where patrons can indulge in an extensive menu of seafood, breads, cold cuts and cheeses accompanied with Veuve Clicquot Brut Ponsardin champagne.

Retail therapy in one of the world’s best shopping districts

After breakfast, head out towards the Gardini Pubblici Indro Montanelli, to walk off your breakfast and stroll straight over the lush green park to arrive at Quadrilatero della moda, the city’s fashion square, considered to be among the best shopping districts in the world. Peruse Alexander McQueen, Versace, Gucci, Jimmy Choo and Balenciaga while still en route to more of Milan’s cultural attractions.

Be sure to grab a final cappuccino from one of the countless cafés, as few Italians would be seen with this strictly morning beverage in hand after the early hours.


Afternoon culture

Home to some of the world’s most mesmerising architecture, you will find yourself inundated with the city’s culture. For the ultimate cultural experience however, head to the Metropolitan Cathedral-Basilica, the cathedral church of Milan. Taking nearly six centuries to complete it is the third largest church in the world and stands at 108 metres tall. With 135 spires, this Gothic, Renaissance architectural marvel is the work of over 78 named architects and engineers and is a fascinating amalgamation of contrasting architectural styles over several hundred years.

Sitting just behind Milan’s almighty cathedral, is the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, a four storey, glass covered arcade, which is filled with haute couture, jewellery, books and paintings. Dubbed, il salotto di Milano – Milan's drawing room – this architectural marvel was built by architect Giuseppe Mengoni between 1865 and 1877 and is Italy’s oldest active shopping gallery.

The most sought-after attraction in Milan however, and perhaps that which is most synonymous with Milanese culture, is Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper, displayed on the refectory wall at Santa Maria delle Grazie. Just a short drive from Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, an approved vaccination certificate are all you need to see one of the world’s most important pieces of artwork. And due to covid restrictions, no more than 30 people will be able to see The Last supper at any one time, so there will be no scrums to catch a glimpse of this masterpiece. We recommend booking a private tour in advance to avoid any queueing and to guarantee your seamless viewing time.

Metropolitan Cathedral-Basilica


After a culture-packed day, a well-deserved aperitivo is on the cards. Head to the Bvlgari Bar at the Bvlgari Hotel, which is back towards the at Quadrilatero della moda, and enjoy this Italian tradition at the black oval cocktail bar. Featuring an array of Bvlgari specials, including the Blazey Combo, which includes tequila, amaro Adriano and Butterscotch Black coffee, this is the much-needed pick-me-up to prepare for the evening ahead.


With three Michelin stars, the famed Enrico Bartolini Mudec restaurant is the ultimate place to close the day in Milan. Diners will be taken on a sophisticated culinary adventure with the chef’s mesmerising tasting menu. Dishes include Homemade "bee" ravioli, foie gras and honey, as well as Mediterranean turbot, sea snails and beetroot.


Planning a longer visit?

Taking place from 17th to 22nd June, just before the Superyacht Design Festival, fashionistas will descend on the city of Milan for Men’s Fashion Week. Here to scope out the latest trends for the spring/summer 23 season, brands such as Georgio Armani, Prada, Tod’s and Dolce & Gabbana will be hitting runways across the city, with the world’s most stylish fans following suit. While most of the shows are invitation only, Milan will be buzzing with life as events pop up all over town. This is what Milan is famous for and there is no better time to see the city, while it is drenched in style.


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