6 days exploring Sweden's east coast on a superyacht


The small township of Ystad is often referred to as Sweden’s most southern city and is a perfect destination to start your Swedish adventure. Founded during the 13th century the town has rich historical roots, something that can really be seen in the older parts of the city.

In Ystad, and the surrounding Österlen area you can enjoy the characteristic scenery of southern Sweden with miles of rapeseed fields and white sand beaches. While in the area you can visit the famous craftsmanship area of Kåseberga, see the historical ship barrow “the Ale Stones” or enjoy a relaxing visit to the Ystad Saltsjöbad Spa and a tasty seafood dinner at their first class restaurant.

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Ystad to Karlskrona

Approximately 81 NM

Karlskrona is situated in the eastern corner of the Blekinge archipelago. The town was originally a 16th century naval base, and is today the centre for marine history in Sweden. The southern part of the city with the old navy area is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Situated just west of Karlskrona you can find the Eriksberg Nature Reserve. Eriksberg consists of more than 1,340 hectares which makes it one of Europe's largest wildlife reserves.

Among the inhabitants you will find red deer, fallow deer, wild boar, bison and mouflon, and the reserve has a summer population of about 1,700 animals. If you are interested in nature and wildlife this is not to be missed. Anchorage is available outside the reserve, depending on the size of the yacht.

Eriksberg also offers two excellent restaurants, the Bison and the Havsörnen Manor, with specialties such as red deer and different types of salmon.

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Karlskrona to Visby (via the island of Öland)

Approximately 145 NM

The Island of Gotland is situated North East of Karlskrona, approx. 55 NM off the Swedish coast. Gotland is famous for its high coastline and the impressive limestone formations, called “Rauks”.

The island’s capital, Visby, was first founded in 1203. Visby is often called “the town of roses and ruins” because of the surrounding ruins and the old houses. The city is still surrounded by the old city wall, which used to protect the city during its days as a Hanseatic trading centre. Visby is today one of the main jet set summer resorts in Sweden. It offers a combination of first class entertainment and dining, beautiful beaches and spectacular scenery.

During the second week of July each year, the picturesque 11th century town turns into a top party destination when “Stockholm week” is in town.

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Visby to Rågskär Island Resort

Approximately 88 NM

The Stockholm archipelago is completely unique, consisting of some 30,000 islands and skerries, linked together by narrow straits and beautiful bays.

Anchoring and using tenders, or going on a guided RIB charter tour would be the best way to experience the beautiful nature of the Stockholm archipelago up close. You are allowed to go ashore on any of the islands and water toys can be used in the bays, as long as it is done responsibly.

Situated in the middle of the Stockholm archipelago, hidden inside a sheltered lagoon, lies the private island resort at Rågskär. Rågskär specialises in providing first class service to small groups such as corporate executives, celebrities or superyacht clients. Here the guests can relax and enjoy the breathtaking archipelago scenery, eat seafood caught by joint owner and manager, Björn, in the bay or use the seaside sauna and wooden heated spa. Safe anchorage is provided in the bay.

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Rågskär to Sandhamn

Approximately 15 NM

Sandhamn is the sailing capital of the Swedish east coast. The small village at the end of the archipelago hosts the annual ÅF Offshore Race-regatta, one of the largest in the world for privately owned boats. Here you will find first class dining and entertainment all wrapped in a genuine archipelago environment. Sandhamn is also a prime luxury resort for the Stockholm region during the summer period.

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Sandhamn to Stockholm

Approximately 35 NM

Being the capital of Sweden and the country’s largest city, Stockholm combines historical heritage from the oldest parts of the city with all the characteristics of a modern metropolitan capital.

Here you will find the famous Vasa museum, the final resting place of the 15th century war ship Vasa. You can visit City Hall, whose famous Blue Hall hosts the Nobel Prize festivities, go to the Stockholm photographic museum, or head to the Royal Castle situated in the old town.

In Stockholm you will, of course, also be able to enjoy some of the world's best restaurants, shopping and entertainment.

If this itinerary has motivated you to visit Scandinavia then don’t miss our guide to seven days on a superyacht in Western Sweden or seven days in Northern Norway.

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