Whistle-stop adventure: Luxury around-the-world tours


Wonders of the world

The world is a large place, making it hard to decide where to take your superyacht next. Tick a few extraordinary spots off your bucket list with these high-octane luxury whistle-stop tours.

1.  Wonders of the world

Step aboard a private jet and be whisked off to some of world's most remarkable locations with TCS World Travel. From global expeditions to regional journeys and custom itineraries, each trip offers all-inclusive travel, world-class accommodation and exclusive access.

Their flagship Around The World expedition consists of 25 days touring some of the world's iconic landmarks from Machu Picchu to the Taj Mahal. Guests will meet the custom Boeing 757 in Orlando before jetting off on their world tour. On this itinerary, take the historic train to Machu Picchu, ride horseback across the grassy hills of Easter Island, watch indigenous Samoans perform a fire dance, dive into underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef or trek through the Daintree Rainforest accompanied by an Aboriginal guide. Also on the agenda is exploring the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, unwinding in a traditional Bhutanese hot-stone bath, visiting the magnificent Taj Mahal, getting up close with incredible wildlife in the Serengeti, discovering the lost city of Petra in Jordan, and shopping in Morocco’s vibrant souks before heading back to Orlando to disembark.

This once-in-a-lifetime trip runs from February 2 - March 15, 2020 and October 24 – November 17, 2020 with rates starting from £72,000 per person based on double occupancy. This includes travel, accommodation, ground transportation, all meals and beverages, luggage handling, daily activities, bottled water, gratuities and an on board doctor.

Other expeditions include A President’s Journey Around The World (January 21 – February 13, 2020) which will mark the company's 300th private jet expedition, stopping off in Kyoto, Laos, the Maldives, Rwanda, Namibia , Brazil, and the Galapagos Islands. Meanwhile, Jewels of the Indian Ocean takes guests to Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India, Mauritius, Réunion Island, Madagascar, Mozambique and the Seychelles. There are also regional trips in Australia, Asia or Africa for those who would prefer a deep dive into a particular area.

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Whistle-stop adventure: Luxury around-the-world tours

The Four Seasons and private jet company NetJets have collaborated on three exciting and luxurious itineraries for those looking for an extraordinary yet time savvy getaway that can be completely tailored to your preferences.

This six-night itinerary includes a myriad of highlights. The first port of call for guests on this whirlwind adventure will be the Four Season Hotel George V in Paris for a glass of bubbly in the kitchen at Le Cinq restaurant, run under Michelin-starred chef Christian Le Squer. Afterwards, you can enjoy a private cookery class and a tour around the hotel's wine cellar with the in-house sommelier.

Step aboard your private jet and speed away to the beautiful Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat. Perfect if you are looking for a more high octane experience, you will drive along the stunning coastlines between Nice and Monaco in a classic vintage car, exploring the iconic coastal roads and stopping off in Èze. There will also be a special supper served at the Santo Sospir or the Villa Casa Mia and a private sailboat cruise along stunning stretches of the Côte d'Azur.

After a private flight to the Hotel Firenze, visit the Marchesi Antinori wine cellar in Tuscany for a tasting and a private supper. Other highlights include a trip to the Uffizi Gallery for an intimate tour and a four-course meal by Michelin-starred chef Vito Mollica on the fourth-floor balcony atop the Ponte Vecchio.

If you would prefer a touch of a city break, swap the Cap-Ferrat road trip for Milan. Fly to the Four Season Hotel Milano and relish in the peace and quiet of an exclusive viewing of the city from the terrace of Duomo followed by a private dinner at Villa Mozart.

Other options as part of this new collaboration include the new Ski Adventure itinerary in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and Vail, Colorado, or the Island Getaway itinerary to Hawaii.

NetJets offer a variety of aircraft types across four cabin classes with price on application.


Around the World Wellness

For the ultimate health kick head off on a one-year wellness trip, starting in Spain and carrying on to a further 20 countries, with Health and Fitness Travel.

The first stop is in the Med, where guests will learn stress management and yoga in southern Spain before heading over to Portugal for a fitness bootcamp and detox, followed by outdoor mixed weight training in Ibiza. Next on the agenda are excursions and tours in Rome and Istanbul, along with luxury retreats with spa therapies in each of these stunning spots.

Guests will then jet off to Dubai for paragliding in Oman. The opportunity to connect with nature follows at the luxurious Karkloof safari spa in South Africa before heading to Mauritius, where guests will experience the soothing and stunning lagoons.

India follows, where guests will enjoy a period of relaxation and reflection. Indulge in a visit to the Taj Mahal before heading to the foothills of the Himalayas to Ananda, a spiritual retreat with an alluring wellness programme. Finally, get serious with a visit to Shreyas Silent Retreat in order to work on your mental wellness with meditation and yoga.

Afterwards, a little adrenaline is introduced into the trip, with a variety of experiences and expeditions including volcano treks and cooking classes in Thailand (where you'll spend Christmas and New Year's Eve), Vietnam, the Philippines and Bali.

Next, guests will be whisked away to the South Pacific for a little adventure. Hike the Great Ocean Walk to Australia's famed twelve apostles and go scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef before enjoying spa treatments and golf on Hamilton Island. Next, guests will be take to the Aro Ha wellness retreat in New Zealand to unwind further, with more hikes and a kayaking trip.

Hawaii follows with daily yoga classes and paddleboarding before a whirlwind trip to Utah at the Red Mountain Resort, where guests can choose from a number of activities from kickboxing to horse riding. After a stop in Mexico, guests will find themselves in sunny Miami at a rooftop spa with a yoga terrace.

The next port of call is the Caribbean, where guests will make stops in St Lucia, Parrot Cay and Costa Rica for a myriad of yoga classes and activities, before heading to a medical spa in Brazil for the ultimate wellbeing treatments as well as Pilates, yoga and surfing.

Rates for this trip are available on application. Alternatively, there is a six-month option.

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Four Season Private Jet Itineraries

For truly astonishing round-the-world tours, indulge in a Four Seasons private jet experience. Stopping off for once-in-a-lifetime experiences in as many as nine countries within a matter of weeks, each trip is completely bespoke and guests are catered to every step of the way.

From June 3 - 26, 2020, experience the ‘World of Adventures’ itinerary, which will whisk guests away on a whirlwind expedition. On the trip guests will study samurai sword fighting in Kyoto’s famed bamboo jungle before a private dinner at the ancient Kenninji Temple, explore the vibrant rainforests and beaches of Bali and the Seychelles, track mountain gorillas in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, go shopping in Marrakech, immerse themselves in the art and food scene of Bogotá, cruise around the Galapágos Islands and snorkel with the local sea lions and manta rays before soaring back to Orlando to disembark.

Other private jet expeditions include Timeless Encounters (March 13 – April 5, 2020), which stops in Hawaii, Bora Bora, Sydney, Bali, Chiang Mai, Taj Mahal, Dubai, Prague and London, and International Intrigue (February 15 – March 9, 2020), which stops in Seattle, Kyoto, Hoi An, the Maldives, Serengeti, Marrakech, Budapest, St Petersburg and Paris. Prices begin at $147,000 based on double occupancy.

On board the jet, guests will benefit from an executive chef providing five star dining, a dedicated travel planner, a journey physician, hassle-free security, bespoke amenities including a personal iPad, noise-cancelling Bose headphones and a custom Ghurka bag, flat-bed seating and high quality service.

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Experience 24 hours in Antarctica

Despite the fact that more superyachts are visiting Antarctica every year, spending ten days exploring this part of the world on a luxury yacht isn't for everyone.

Busy explorers can now easily tick off Antarctica from their bucket list with a 24-hour round-trip to the remote polar region with bespoke adventure company Natural World Safaris.

Departing from Cape Town, guests will take a private jet 4,000 kilometres to an ice runway, where they will spend 8-12 hours discovering Antarctica using Whichaway Camp as a base. There are two flight options, either the Ilyushin IL-76 TD aircraft predominantly used for scientific expeditions or a Gulfstream private jet, which can cater for 14 people to travel in the utmost luxury.

During the day guests can opt for a number of different activities, including treks into the tundra and excursions to see the Adelie penguins and nearby ice caves. In December 2017, 1.55 million square kilometres of the Ross Sea will become a new marine reserve, so it's well worth the visit to see this natural oasis.

Additionally, make time to head to the astonishing Schirmacher Oasis in 4x4s and explore the lakes, ice peaks and scientific bases with an expert guide on hand. Head back to the camp, which has catered to the needs of Buzz Aldrin, Prince Harry and Bear Grylls in the past, to unwind after the day's activities, enjoy a gourmet Champagne dinner and warm up in the sauna.

With the iconic Wolf's Fang peak, part of the Drygalski mountain range, as a backdrop, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for world travellers keen to experience one of the most remote spots on Earth without sacrificing on luxury.

The one-day trip to Antarctica departing from Cape Town costs from £11,795 per person and is available during the months of December and January.

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