Explorer Yachts Summit 2021

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Credit: EYOS Expeditions

Five reasons to attend the 2022 Explorer Yachts Summit

31 August 2022

Hosted at the Yacht Club de Monaco on November 10, the 2022 Explorer Yachts Summit, held in association with Damen Yachting, will put the spotlight on the expedition yacht sector. The event will bring together captains, designers and industry experts to discuss the current state and future of the explorer yacht market. Here are five reasons you should book your tickets…

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Hear from a record breaking superyacht owner

The owner of the former US Navy ship, DSSV Pressure Drop, Victor Vescovo has dived deeper than any other human being. As the event's keynote speaker, he will share some of the remarkable experiences he has had on board. He will also talk about how he has used the yacht to combine personal exploration goals with enabling scientific research and education.

Take a deep dive into the adventure charter market

With a younger generation of charterers seeking experiential travel, the adventure market is booming. Four leading charter experts will take to the stage and discuss how to meet client expectations, the challenges of selling adventure travel and which far-flung destinations are catching the imagination of this younger cliental.

Discover the future of explorer yachts 

With so many “go anywhere” vessels on the market, the design of such yachts has taken many variations. A panel of top designers will take to the stage and share their thoughts on which design trends are here to stay, and what the future holds for owners wanting a yacht that can go the distance.

Credit: Verola Media / Triton

Engage with the explorer yacht sector 

The event will be filled with specialists from across the industry sharing their invaluable expertise. During the programme there will plenty of time to network with these experts, and enjoy the opportunity to meet new explorer yacht captains, shipbuilders and owners.

The Explorer Yachts Summit 2021 will be held in Monaco.
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Experience Monaco

While there’s plenty going on at the Explorer Yachts Summit during the day, the setting for the event at the Yacht Club de Monaco has plenty to offer for attendees as well. One of the world’s biggest yachting hubs, Monaco is a haven for yacht enthusiasts and owners to mingle, meet and spot some of the biggest and best yachts moored in the area. Before or after attending the event, visitors can enjoy the region’s beautiful vistas, luxurious hotels and yachting experiences on offer.

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