Top 17 race photos from the Loro Piana Caribbean Regatta & Rendezvous 2017


Race Day Three: the fleet

Sunleigh leads a group of racers including Danneskjold (with skull and crossbones) and Action (to right) past West Dog Island bound for the finish line of the final race.


Race Day Three: Danneskjold

The A2 spinnaker on Danneskjöld blankets the cockpit of the 105-footer as the crew scrambles to take it down.


Race Day Three: Grande Orazio and Ammonite

Grande Orazio leads Ammonite into the first turning mark in the final race of the Loro Piana Caribbean Superyacht Regatta & Rendezvous.


Race Day Three: Ganesha

The 146-footer _Ganesha_strikes a reaching pose on an azure sea.


Race Day Three: Dog Island

A fleet of superyachts navigates through the lee of West Dog Island.


Race Day Three: Wild Horses

The crew of Wild Horses lives up to their boat’s name during a light moment in the final race.


Race Day Two:Rebecca

A Rebecca crewman is hoisted to the clew of the gennaker to change a sheet during the race around Virgin Gorda on day two of  the Loro Piana Caribbean Superyacht Regatta & Rendezvous.


Race Day Two: Ningaloo

Ningaloo’s crew takes a wave over the bow as she rounds the top of Virgin Gorda.


Race Day Two: Grande Orazio

Grande Orazio(right) tacks to cover _B5_on the crystal clear waters off Virgin Gorda.


Race Day Two: Leopard 3

Leopard 3’s bowman helps feed a roller-furling unit to the bowsprit as a wave takes aim to douse him.