The Judges of the Ocean Awards 2022

Sacha Bonsor

Ocean Awards co-chair & _Boat International_ editorial director

Sacha Bonsor

Sacha Bonsor is the Editorial Director of BOAT International and a former editor at Harper’s Bazaar, The Times and the Daily Mail. Ocean conservation is one of the main pillars at the heart of BOAT's storytelling because, she says, “saving the sea is one of, if not the most, important issues facing humanity today, and it is also the thing that our audience cares about above all else.”

What measures has BOAT International taken to help protect the oceans?

We have done an enormous amount to help the oceans and will continue to do so.  We launched the Ocean Awards five years ago, which we are celebrating shortly by announcing this year’s winners.  We launched Ocean Talks three years ago, which brings closer together the yacht industry and the world of marine conservation, and we launched our Yachts for Science programme last year, which we hope will act as a Tinder-like service between yachts and scientists.

What single, practical act would you ask the public to take to help protect our oceans?

I think the most important challenge for anyone hoping to help save our ocean is one of communication. For the vast majority of people, the sea is a distant place, despite the fact that it takes up 70% of our planet, and so the threat of its diminishing health is not at the forefront of their mind.  We all need to do our bit to communicate to those around us, in whatever way we can, that if the ocean is not kept healthy, it will directly impact our livelihoods, and that of our children and grandchildren.

Picture Credit: Tim Barker

Jasper Smith

Chairman of Arksen

Jasper has been described as a businessman with an artist’s sensitivity and empathy. After training a sculptor he turned to technology where he built and scaled three highly successful ventures; Playjam, The Fantastic Corp, and Optimistic. Jasper now runs a successful investment company that invests around £10m in a year into Europe’s brightest start-ups, Arksen being one of them. Jasper has spent a lifetime adventuring at sea and on land. He sailed from Sydney to Alaska, via Kamchatka in Russia and climbed all of the major volcanoes along the way and spent a year climbing in South America. He has also sailed boats all over the world for 30 years. His passion for the ocean is paramount which is evident in the ethos behind Arksen.

What concerns you the most about our ocean crisis?

Global ocean conservation currently receives less than 1% of philanthropic funding.  Our largest ecosystem and the one that we all depend on for life is the least protected and least understood.  This stems not from a lack of interest or desire to help but from a lack of a defined ocean conservation funding platform.  10% For The Ocean aims to solve this crisis through a global ocean superfund that encourages individuals and corporations to donate 10% of their charitable giving to ocean related causes.

What single, practical act would you ask the public to take to help protect our oceans?

To ensure that at least 10% of their charitable giving is directed towards ocean conservation.

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