Young Designer of the Year Awards 2019 finalists announced

Athanasios Kamaris

This year’s Young Designer of the Year task asked entrants to design a sail assisted motor yacht that is as beautiful as it is original, integrating the best design elements of motor yachts and sailing yachts. With a hull shape provided by Oceanco, entrants were tasked with creating the exterior styling of the motor–sailing yacht and the layout of three decks.

Concept Name: Nabuco

Nationality: Italian Greek

Education: ISD Institut Superior Design Rubika

Designer Statement:

The project attempt to keep the aspect of lightness, proper of a sailing yacht, together with all the comfort of a motor yacht. The hull was designed like a compact shape modeled by the sea and the wind. On this natural volume, the sun deck intersects itself as an artificial element. The concept was to create an approach between human building capacity and those of nature. The two Dynarig masts with 1800 m² of photovoltaic sails are positioned at the two extremities of the sundeck surrounding the glazed structure. The sun deck is composed of various intimate areas as the partially closed salon and the modular foredeck. The aft deck is a wide area without fixed furniture. It is conceived like an essential changeable area close to home living. The hull surface of more than 800 m² is covered with a multilayer of photovoltaic paint able to absorb direct and indirect light. Nabuco communicates his characteristic eco-sustainability via warning lights on the back of the masts. The night is possible to see the use of the accumulated energy during the day decrease. In addition to the wind strength, the aim is to make the yacht sensitive to nature element.

Emre Çitir

Concept Name: Snowflake

Nationality: Turkish

Education: Yıldız Technical University

Designer Statement:

A snowflake symbolizes perfection, uniqueness and simplicity despite its complex structure; just like nature. The ‘’Snowflake’’ concept was created to emphasize respect for nature.

The concept was born from a hexagonal snowflake shape. Dynamic soul and uniqueness are given by main characteristic lines of the shape. The sleek design of a sailing yacht, spacious interior of a motor yacht and future technologies are the Snowflake’s perfection sources. She is unique and lightweight as her name. This is thanks to smooth curves, sharp corners, and carbon fiber superstructure. As a futuristic property, omniphobic coated stell-aluminum hull produces 50 percent less friction. When 1850 m2 Dyna-rig sails, diesel-electric propulsion system, solar panels on the roof, transparent solar sails and glasses came together to produce a high amount of green propulsive force. Controllable pitch propellers regenerate energy when the sails are full of wind. With all these technologies Snowflake is a remarkable design for nature.

Enrico Mezzasalma

Concept Name: Seaf

Nationality: Italian

Education: University of Genova

Designer Statement:

Seaf is designed in order to make people on board perceive something more than being free in the middle of the sea, the main aim of Seaf is also to make its guest feel constantly connected with the most peaceful forms of nature. We are talking about an 80 metre long motorsailer, with an elegant and sporty line that tries to integrate the best elements from sailing yachts and motor yachts.

Seaf is powered by two Dynarig and an hybrid diesel-electric engine propulsion. Ecology is the very key point of this project. This “sustainability concept” must also be visible from the outside of this superyacht and this perception is obtained through elements taken from biomimetic architecture. Large windows enhance sun rays and open spaces allow the light to flow inside.

Among the suggestive spaces on board, there is the beach area in the tender zone and the lounge bar, which connects the main saloon with the pool area. Here the guests must feel very close to natural elements, such as the waterfall that flows from the sun deck to the main deck, and the tree around the mast zone, that becomes a characterising element of the yacht.

Yihharn Liu

Concept Name: Manta

Nationality: Taiwanese

Education: Politecnico di Milano

Designer Statement:

Selecting the stingray, a listed endangered species, as inspiration, the design philosophy behind Manta is to create an elegantly modern form and to raise ecological awareness. Influenced by the shape and movement of the stingray, Manta’s graceful appearance and sleek lines replicate nature to achieve stunning proportion and higher hydrodynamic efficiency.

The interior of the Manta can accommodate 10 guests, complete with diverse functions to suit the needs of all visitors. On the main deck, Manta features waterfalls flowing alongside the stairs to welcome guests aboard and to direct the eye towards two infinity glass swimming pools. The sun deck offers various facilities including a gym, a spa, an on-deck Jacuzzi and a relaxing sunbathing area which can be rearranged into an outdoor cinema for viewing films under the stars.

Given the design philosophy, Manta is intended for zero-emission. She features a regenerated propulsion system powered by hydrogen fuel cells. In addition to the solar glass on the sun deck, the large photovoltaic solar sail provides power with the wind and electricity to turn the seawater into hydrogen through the electrolysis, which enables Manta the ability to significantly reduce the ecological footprint and eliminate the need to refuel.

Oliver Clarke

Concept Name: Serrate

Nationality: British

Education: Coventry University

Designer Statement:

Serrate integrates the presence of a motor yacht with the simple elegance associated with sailing yachts. The elegant serrate leaf inspired hull should appear to glide through the water effortlessly with the design looking as naturally beautiful as the environment surrounding it. The reflectivity of the surface mirrors the setting in which it is situated, creating a harmonious balance between yacht and nature.

The bold hull caresses the structure while the fluid second surfaces flow around and frame the upper decks to the rear of the hull. The glass then wraps around the decks both breaking up the surfaces and giving a dynamic look. At the same time, the glass connects the interior spaces to the environment, through maximising views and lighting. The rear steps fit perfectly to the exterior surfacing giving a seamless transition between exterior and the main deck and on into the boat. The layered steps also allow you to see the water running from around the name to beneath your feet. The design of the ship allows for vast exterior decking, perfect for connecting to surroundings and sunbathing. A unique sky view dining room separates the interior and exterior without disconnecting you from the surroundings.

Tao Li

Concept Name: Oasis

Nationality: Chinese

Education: Southwest Jiaotong University

Designer Statement:

Oasis is a concept motor sailing yacht designed for the Asian market, whose interior and exterior styles incorporate the characteristics of New oriental modern aesthetics. This yacht is themed “Water and Sand”, creating a resort atmosphere featuring eastern style and low-density modern lifestyle. The main design theme inspired by paper umbrellas and Asian architecture, make the Oasis more like a “heaven shelter on the sea” from the overall look, increasing the cool and comfortable ride of the owner and guest.

Considering the fact that Asian women like outdoor marine activities but are afraid of tanning, the concept of the pavilion is proposed to combine the shape of the eastern paper umbrella with the sailboat mast. On the upper deck, the outdoor dining table can be adjusted to lift and lower, making the public area of the sailboat be used for multi-purposes.

The roof of sundeck is also designed with origami structure, which can be adjusted based on different directions and areas, and serve various sunshade requirements.

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