The 5 hottest luxury watch brands to look out for in 2016

Jaquet Droz

Your watch may already be brimming with super accurate chronometers from Omega and classic black tie watches from Rolex but if you really wanted a well-rounded collection you’ll need something new and fresh to put on your wrist. From the specialist sister brands of well known names to the niche labels creating unique timepieces, here are the hottest watch brands to know about for 2016.

Jaquet Droz
The brand: While not exactly new – it’s been creating exceptional timepieces since 1738 – Swiss watchmaker Jaquet Droz has remained something of a connoisseur’s secret. Until now, that is. After taking the top spot in the Mechanical Exception category at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève 2015 for its beautiful Charming Bird timepiece, next year will almost certainly see a Jaquet Droz timepiece become a must-have.

What to buy: For technical perfection the Charming Bird can’t be beaten but if you’re after style stick with the avian theme and opt for the stunning Bird Repeater Geneva (pictured)



The brand: If you’re feeling brave enough to step away from the Swiss watch tradition then Junghans may be the brand to put at the top of your wish list. Despite having 150 years of watchmaking experience under its belt, Junghans remains relatively unknown thanks to a less popular German heritage – its watches are manufactured in Schramberg – and a penchant for looking to America rather than Switzerland for horological innovations. Despite this, Junghans’ designs are sleek and sporty without skipping on technical expertise and at a price point ideal for newcomers to the luxury watch market.

What to buy: The vintage styling of the Meister Telemeter has an unbeatable retro charm



The brand: An old world name with a modern outlook, the JeanRichard brand was originally founded by legendary watchmaker Daniel Jeanrichard in the 17th century but, after languishing for years, was relaunched in 2012 as the sister brand of Girard-Perregaux. Presenting a more youthful take on the traditional codes of Swiss watchmaking, JeanRichard watches are prized for their modern design, mechanical capabilities and ability to withstand whatever their owner can throw at them.

What to buy: For luxury yacht owners the Aquascope White Dial is the clear winner


Christopher Ward

The brand: Born out of a discussion had during a boat trip on the Thames, British brand Christopher Ward has quite literally always had sailing at its heart. Despite celebrating its tenth birthday in 2014, Christopher Ward has stayed largely under the radar thanks to a cult following generated through online forums which meant the brand never had a need to advertise. However, a merger with Swiss movement designer Synergies Horlogeres in 2014 has seen increased buzz around the label so get ahead of the curve and invest now.

What to buy: The soon-to-be launched Limited Edition C9 Single Pusher Chronograph is an intriguing alternative to the standard black tie watch



The brand: If you’re after something unusual and exclusive to impress guests at your next superyacht soiree then look no further than Cyrus. Founded in 2009 by cousins Laurent and Julien LeCamp, this independent brand is named for the founder of the Persian empire and the case back of every watch contains a replica of a 2,500 year old coin from his reign. And if that wasn’t enough to convince you then the haute designs and cutting edge technology certainly will.

What to buy: If you’re looking to catch the eye at parties the multitude of rotating parts on the astonishing Kelpcys Moon Gold are sure to do the trick


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