Inside David Gandy's fantasy supercar fleet


Land Rover Discovery

Seven supercars fit for a supermodel – Simon de Burton runs the rule over David Gandy’s fantasy fleet...

Land Rover Discovery

Lovers of old-school Land Rovers tend to dismiss the firm’s new designs before they hit the road. They are almost always left eating humble pie when the latest Landy proves to combine an improbable degree of luxury with an even more improbable degree of performance. Such is the case with the new Discovery 5, which many criticised at its unveiling for not looking sufficiently rugged or practical, and for the generic styling that puts it in line with the rest of the Land Rover/Range Rover family. But it’s the best Disco’ yet – and it still offers three rows of seats, enough torque to pull a house down and the promise to take you anywhere. And bring you back again.

From £43,495,


McLaren 570 GT

The name McLaren prompts thoughts of Formula One racers and slightly impractical, road-going hypercars, but the 570GT breaks the mould. Although it still offers McLaren’s winning combination of performance, innovation and build quality, the 570GT comes with a greater degree of refinement over the more raw 570S on which it is based. That means “extras” such as a panoramic glass roof, a larger, leather-trimmed boot and a more luxurious interior, while softer suspension, lighter steering, better noise insulation and a quieter exhaust system make longer journeys better. It will still top 200mph, though.



Porsche Cayman

The four-cylinder, turbocharged engines that power the latest 718 version of the Cayman have worried Porsche purists, who mourn the loss of the old car’s six-cylinder units. Yet the new Cayman is not only quicker than its predecessors, it has better handling too, thanks to sharper steering and stiffer suspension. It’s also more economical and, in the opinion of many, better looking. And it remains one of a diminishing number of true driver’s cars available with a manual gearbox – all of which have led to its being hailed as the best in its class, bar none.



BMW i3 Range Extender

“Range anxiety” – the constant fear of running out of juice that plagues drivers of electric cars – could be a thing of the past with BMW’s latest “range extender” version of its excellent i3 model. It combines a newly designed battery pack with a small petrol engine to power a generator that enables you to top up the charge while on the move. The result is a range of 276 miles, more than 80 miles greater than the electric-only i3 (which is still brilliant).



Honda NSX

Honda’s original NSX was launched in 1990 to take on the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini and is regarded as a modern classic. The new, hybrid-powered model is taking the hypercar world by storm with its three electric motors, twin turbo-charged V6 petrol engine, four-wheel drive and, of course, the promise of Honda’s legendary reliability. It will scorch from standstill to 60mph in less than three seconds and touch 190mph.



Rolls-Royce Dawn

Not for nothing is Rolls-Royce known as the maker of the world’s finest motor cars – and if you doubt that, you have probably never driven a Dawn. With 6.6 litres of twin turbo-charged V12 engine beneath the majestic bonnet, it will whisk four adults from A to B in the utmost luxury and with an effortlessness that borders on insouciance, roof up or down. Gear changes are almost imperceptible and road noise is negligible, while the steering contrives to be both deliciously direct and feather-light. And, thanks to the genius of Rolls-Royce design chief Giles Taylor, the Dawn looks perfect from every angle. The owner of every superyacht should purchase at least one as a matter of course.

From £250,000,


Maserati Levante

Alfieri Maserati might be spinning in his grave at news that the sports car marque he founded in 1914 is now building SUVs – but the new Levante is set to account for at least half of the firm’s sales in the next couple of years. Lovely looking, suitably swift and decidedly luxurious, the four-wheel drive Levante offers an impressive degree of off-road capability – and aims to compete with stars such as the Porsche Cayenne and Range Rover Sport. It’s well worth a look, especially with a starting price of less than £55,000.